Louis A Grant

'I have employed many young graduates over the years and sought to assist them to assimilate the realities of the industry. I have also coached and encouraged many more team members who did not have the opportunity to go to college or university. The hotel business is a challenging profession and it requires effort, discipline and a willingness to keep learning.

I believe that GULL offers the best solution to career-long learning for hotel professionals. The GULL process of action learning can be integrated with a demanding work environment and as a General Manager, it gives me the tools to help, encourage and nurture all of my team members. Above all, it provides a credible way of recognizing the professional attainments of the many who strive day after day for excellence in customer service.

GULL really is the best solution I have come across – finally, all my staff can go to school while they work and together, we can model and develop outstanding professionals now and for the future.'


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