Eurest Dining Services, USA

Mark Maloney
President, Eastern Region, Eurest Dining Services (EDS), USA & EDS-GULL corporate business school champion. Speaking in the Accenture boardroom (EDS client) Reston, Washington DC, USA, 15 September, 2008.


EDS corporate business school with the Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL)

‘Congratulations to our entire team of GULL participants who are today receiving a terrific award for their development so far. We are here to celebrate the passion, the spirit and the commitment that each and every one of our GULL participants has demonstrated and I am delighted by what you have achieved and excited about all that lies ahead. This is also a testament to the Group vision of ‘Great people, Great service and Great results’ and given our five dimensions of HR: Attracting, Retaining, Developing, Engaging and Performing, I am incredibly proud of and humbled by the effort and commitment you made to work with your teams - especially as you have given your personal time and energy to this journey. I also note that for some, this experience has had a profound influence on your personal lives. We heard some remarkable stories during today’s learning review and it is a privilege to recognize and certify your personal and professional achievements. I am also delighted that you all intend to continue the journey towards your professional Bachelor degree. I should like to thank Richard Teare, Nancy Arnett and her team, and Yvonne Brown who have given their time, commitment and energy to make life better for those in our organization who without their input, may not have had such a great opportunity. Thank you all and continue with the great work as we keep our commitment to Ownership and People first.’


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