Honorary Officers

GULL's honorary officers initiate and support the University’s work in national and regional areas. However, GULL's non-profit status in the State of California, USA and our minimal funding base requires that they do so without any form of payment or reimbursement of expenses by GULL. Where possible and if appropriate, honorary officers can at their own discretion, recover expenses and accept fees directly from the GULL affiliated organizations that they are supporting.

Co Chancellors - GULL's honorary global champions
Pro Chancellors - GULL's honorary national and regional champions
Presidents - GULL's national and regional leaders
Vice Presidents - GULL's national and regional leadership support team
Network Leaders - GULL's network leaders and facilitators
Ambassadors - GULL's active supporters
Elders - GULL's passive supporters
Acknowledgments - In appreciation of their lifelong learning, service and support to the University

Executive Officers

Edward Mooney (Chairman) and Richard Teare (President) manage all aspects of the two companies that host all GULL's central services. These companies are: Global University for Lifelong Learning Incorporated, USA (the university and awarding body which is a non-profit public benefit corporatation, incorporated in California, USA) and GULL Limited which is a UK-based company. GULL Limited provides global support services to the university.

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