Edward Mooney

Edward Mooney Edward Mooney is Chairman, Global University for Lifelong Learning.

Edward is co-founder and President of Educacion Americas, Inc., and prior to this he was co-founder and President of Trinity Learning Corporation, a publicly-held education and training company. Edward has more than 20 years experience in corporate development for publicly and privately-held enterprises, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, strategic planning, business development, investor relations, corporate communications and corporate governance. He has also served as an analyst and director of research for merchant banks, economic and financial advisory firms, and business development companies. He has also participated in the creation, development and growth of businesses from concept and inception through numerous investment rounds and the development of public-trading on U.S. securities exchanges. In 2007, he co-founded the Global University for Lifelong Learning with Richard Teare, GULL’s President.

GULL’s co-founders are Christians and we are passionate about the pressing global need to provide development opportunities for people of all faiths, traditions and cultures and especially for the low paid, disadvantaged groups and the poorest – globally.

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