Sir Paulias Nguna Matane

Paulias MataneSir Paulias Matane was born in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea in 1931 and was raised by his elderly grand parents. His grand father told him that if he wanted to succeed in life, he had to be focused, have vision, set an objective, plan for it, and with total honesty, commitment and perseverance, he would reach his goal. He took up his grand father’s challenge, going to school for the first time when he was seventeen years old. He later became a Teacher, Headmaster, Schools Inspector and then National Superintendent of Teacher Education. He has also been a Permanent Secretary, an Ambassador, a High Commissioner and Vice President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Sir Paulias is a recipient of many national and international awards and scholarships. He was also a radio and television personality and as a prolific author of more than 40 books, still contributes to the printed media. On 26th May, 2004, he was elected as the eighth Governor General of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.


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