Affiliate briefing

If you are preparing to attend a GULL start-up meeting in your organization and/or if you lead or represent an organization and would like to affiliate with GULL, please complete the review activities outlined below. The aim is to enable you to familiarize yourself with GULL’s mission, mandate and on-going work by reading or viewing our briefing resources:

  Section: Resource: Purpose:
1 About The GULL story (parts 1-3) Provides an overview of GULL’s mission.
2 News News Archives Illustrates GULL’s work. Read ‘Annual News Highlights – 2010’ (or later) and then browse through the archive.
3 Media Press & TV – Television View ‘Beaches Employees Graduation’, 4 News, 10 March, 2009 for a concise overview of GULL’s offer to the community and the workplace.
4 Media Press & TV – Press & Newspapers Browse the press and newspaper archive.
5 Media Briefings & Events – Briefings View ‘Changing education paradigms’. Sir Ken Robinson talks about the need for alternative approaches to learning.
6 Media Briefings & Events – Briefings View: ‘Reg Revans, USA’ and read ‘A profile of Reg Revans’ for a background briefing on the process of action learning.
7 Case Studies Community & Workplace Read and view at least one of the example case study applications to learn more about the many ways in which the GULL system can be utilized.
8 Recognition Statement of Recognition
Status of GULL
Carefully review these documents. GULL is recognized in perpetuity by one Government (via a Statement of Recognition) and endorsed by other Governments, Leaders and Institutions.
9 Officers Honorary & Executive Officers
GULL is led by regional, national and user organization-based honorary officers so as to ensure that local needs are identified and met in accordance with local traditions, culture and languages.
10 F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions Conclude your review by reading the FAQ resource so as to ensure that you understand what GULL is – and isn’t!

1. Affiliate with GULL
If you lead or represent an organization and you would like to use the GULL system, you can now proceed to the ‘Affiliate with GULL’ section. Here you will find the GULL affiliation form which is based on GULL's code of practice. Please note that we do not have the resources to engage with individuals or correspond about individual needs or scholarships. GULL only works with groups of people through affiliated organizations.

2. Getting Started
There are many ways of using the GULL system and we have designed an easy to use ‘Getting started’ package that enables you to link the expected outcomes of your training and other kinds of development activity to GULL’s professional certification system.

3. Impact Tracking
GULL recognizes and certifies action learning outcomes and all system users are responsible for monitoring and verifying progress and performance. Impact tracking is a mandatory requirement as it enables user organizations to identify what is going well and where corrective action might be necessary.

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