Case Studies

GULL is involved in a wide range of community and workplace initiatives and to illustrate the possibilities and outcomes, this section contains example applications in case study format. Each case study contains a blend of words, pictures and video-based material to explain and illustrate some of the endless ways in which the GULL system can be deployed – from community mobilization through to operating system support for ‘own brand’ corporate business schools and corporate universities.





Profiles action learning at Eurest, USA a member of Compass Group, a global leader in foodservice management and support services.


Sandals Resorts International

Traces the deployment of the GULL action learning system at SRI and the emergence of the Sandals Corporate University.


TCI Airports Authority

Profiles action learning at the Turks & Caicos Islands Airports Authority, operator of eight regional airports headquartered in Providenciales.





Traces the steps involved in an action learning cascade to workplace and community organizations led by service industry professionals.



Profiles GULL community applications in Kenya initiated by NGOs: Compassion, Tearfund and World Vision with church organizations.


Sri Lanka

Features the collaborative work of the South Asian Academy for Good Governance (SAAGG) and GULL - providing opportunities for all in Sri Lanka.





Church & Community Mobilization

A case study from East & West Africa. The approach enables individuals and entire communities to realize their potential in bring about change.


South Africa

A case study from South Africa..


World Vision International

World Vision International is collaborating with the Global University for Lifelong Learning to recognize the impact of community volunteers around the world.




Features the Voice of Samoan People community development project in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the wider implications of this work.


Pacific Islands

This case study profiles GULL community applications in the Pacific Islands initiated by Entrepreneurial Development Training Centre Ltd (EDTC).


South East Asia

Profiles the development of the GULL South East Asia network and the concept of community and workplace associate centres with leadership and administrative support from the regional office in Kuala Lumpur.

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