George Moses Kwehangana

Lesley WoodDr George Moses Kwehangana is National President, Rwanda, Global University for Lifelong Learning, based in Kigali, Rwanda.
George currently holds the position of Advocacy and Gender Mainstreaming manager in World Vision International- Rwanda National office (since December, 2014).
After completing his legal studies from the National University of Rwanda in 2009, George started his career as Legal assistant at Fountain Law Chambers (Law firm), National Junior consultant at RCN Justice and Democracy (International NGO), Policy Analysis and Advocacy Expert, Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) before joining World Vision in 2012 as Legal advisor and later Legal, staffing and Organizational Development officer. His experience spans from:

  • Clerkship that comprises of: Corporate Legal advisory, civil litigation, legislative review, legal research and legal due diligence, 
  • Policy: influence, engagements and reviews, partnerships and networking,
  • Project development, implementation, and quality assurance (DM&E processes),
  • Human Resources: Strategic Human resourcing, Recruitment and staffing solutions; workforce planning, recruitment strategies and processes, and
  • Organizational development; staff development, change management, organizational strategic learning and development, talent management and succession planning. 
George's plan for GULL in Rwanda is linked to his doctoral work with GULL: Behaviour consciousness and control of personal environment is an ingredient for any leader, the power to be aware of the work environment and control it develops confidence in execution of job and ultimately brings success”. GULL helps to meet learning needs of the less privileged, providing them with a chance to be active in elevating poverty and contributing to sustainable change and impact within their communities. My ambition is to facilitate action learning processes in work places and communities, and contribute to developing GULL local networks (nationally) and become an active ambassador of GULL in Rwanda and beyond.
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