Richard Teare

Richard TeareDr Richard Teare is President, Global University for Lifelong Learning.

Richard has been committed to work and community-based learning since the mid-1990s and he has helped to create learning and development applications for numerous organizations in different parts of the world. In 2007, he co-founded the Global University for Lifelong Learning with Edward Mooney, GULL’s Chairman. Prior to his current role, he held professorships at four UK universities and he has been a journal editor for almost 30 years. His academic publications include 22 co-authored and edited books on aspects of community development, service management and organizational learning. He is co-author of Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development (Sense, 2013) and Designing Inclusive Pathways with Young Adults (Sense, 2015) the first and second in a series of books about GULL’s work with communities.

GULL’s mission is a source of self-help and encouragement to low income communities and Richard has accepted a number of awards on behalf of GULL. In 2010, he was initiated as an honorary Chief by the Masi sub-Clan, Lihir Islands, Papua New Guinea. He also received the Royal Award of the King of Surakata, Indonesia and was awarded the honorary Title of Gaurawacharya (Teacher of Honour) by the South Asian Academy for Good Governance in Sri Lanka. In 2012, he received a Knighthood from the Royal Order of the Noor of Buayan, Sultanate of Buayan, Philippines in 2014, the Officer’s Cross of the Companionate of the White Swan, established by the Princely House of Kasperski to recognize (among other fields) service to the community and in October 2016, the Vice-Rector's Award for Community Engagement, University of the Free State, South Africa.

GULL’s co-founders are Christians and we are passionate about the pressing global need to provide development opportunities for people of all faiths, traditions and cultures and especially for the low paid, disadvantaged groups and the poorest – globally.

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