Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) Uganda

Pentecostal Assembles of God Uganda is the second largest evangelical denomination in Uganda with some 5,000 churches and more than 700,000 members.

Revd Dr Emiau comments: The GULL graduation event in Uganda on 21 January, 2012 brought with it refreshing challenges for our ministry. At this event, more than a 1,000 people were recognized by GULL for the mobilization process outcomes they have secured in the communities they represent. As I reflect on this remarkable achievement and look ahead, I know that we can anticipate a growing movement of people who are able to transform their communities and facilitate improvements in the economic, social and spiritual life of the nation. We are especially grateful to Tearfund and to GULL for helping us to further strengthen the process.

(Photo) Simon Peter Emiau

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