Malaysian Endorsements



Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Malaysia
On 7 January, 2013, Senator Gan Ping Sieu wrote: ‘I appreciate and congratulate your effots in promoting GULL’s programmes in collaboration with local youth organizations and training providers. In this context, I fully support and endorse GULL, USA in the hope that you will bring about many benefits for the youth and working adults of our country.’
Sarawak State Government, East Malaysia
The Right Honourable Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali, Member of Parliament Samariang, State Government of Sarawak, East Malaysia and on behalf of Datim Fatimah Abdullah, Assistant Minister for Human Resource and Training, and Assistant Minister of Agriculture (Home Economics and Training) Chief Minister’s Department, State Government of Sarawak, East Malaysia - 20 June 09
Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia (English) | Malay Version
On 15 July 2008, Dato’ Suhaimi Bin Ibrahim, Political Secretary to the Prime Minister of Malaysia wrote: ‘I am very pleased to fully endorse the training for employment programme [to reduce the unemployment rate, especially among graduates] and hope its implementation receives the full cooperation of the relevant parties’.
State Minister of Industrial Development, Sabah, Malaysia (English) | Malay Version
On 27 March 2008, Datuk Ewon Ubin wrote: ‘…one of the objectives outlined by the Sabah State Government is to develop our industrial sector. In this respect, I am confident that GULL’s lifelong action learning programme will assist students to obtain training that meets their needs and at the same time, fulfils the relevant needs of industry.’
National SME Council (NASMEC), Malaysia (English) | Malay Version
On 12 February 2008, Dato’ Chua Jui Meng wrote: ‘[GULL’s] concept of lifelong learning is needed to assist with the integration of the latest competencies and knowledge in all disciplines and to enable us to secure continual development. NASMEC…fully supports GULL’s programmes and…[the] many benefits for the small and medium enterprises in our country.’
Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia (English) | Malay Version
On 5 February 2008, Datuk Ong Tee Keat wrote: ‘I appreciate and congratulate your efforts in implementing the GULL internship programme in collaboration with local private institutions of higher education. This programme will assist students to obtain industrial training and related GULL professional qualifications while undergoing relevant industrial training.’
Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia (English) | Malay Version
On 30 January 2008, Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn wrote: ‘ establishing their own corporate schools, our national industries will benefit from teams of knowledge workers who are culturally competitive...I urge management in all industries to establish their own corporate school [using the GULL system] as part of their initiative to upgrade their organizational productivity and competitiveness.’
Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Malaysia (English) | Malay Version
On 16 January 2008, Dato’ Liow Tiong Lai wrote: ‘In this era of globalisation, our country is in great need of a large number of educated and talented youth who will takeover the responsibility of leadership and development of Malaysia…The [GULL] programme is suitable for our youth as the mode of learning is flexible, innovative and far sighted.’
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