Christian Impact Mission, Kenya

After retiring from a teaching career, I bought some land in the arid Yatta region of Eastern Kenya. The people in the region undergo months of drought and famine every year and they had become dependent on handout relief food from the Government and other agencies. I had observed that there was a spiritual problem too and this challenged me and so I mobilized the Church to pray and to act. The longer-term solution to Yatta’s challenges has involved mobilizing both churches and communities via Christian Impact Mission’s community transformation model for spiritual and socio-economic development. This has enabled the local people to advance from extreme poverty to a much better situation. Now for example, most of the villagers are food secure and they produce surpluses that they can sell to others. I should like to acknowledge the support of World Vision Kenya and to endorse GULL’s philosophy and approach of working closely with national agencies to empower local communities to deal with the specific challenges that they face.

(Photo) Titus Masika

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