Helifix Operations Ltd

Robert Agarobe
Robert Agarobe is Chief Executive Officer, Helifix Operations Limited, Papua New Guinea. Helifix is an innovative and successful new aviation company, with 102 employees.

During an interview on 15 November, 2008, Robert spoke about the key support role that he envisages for GULL in relation to his company’s organization and human resource development.

‘In terms of our human development in country, I want to nurture and recognize the talents in our staff. Managing Papua New Guineans is difficult (as PNG has such a diverse culture) and so training and development for Nationals in PNG requires a customized approach. GULL is making the effort and taking the time to find out what we are doing and by understanding our behaviours and challenges, we can together accomplish the customization objective. The Helifix philosophy is to try something new – we are operating in a young, developing country and if Helifix is to succeed in the long term (the next 20-30 years) we have to grow in a way that mirrors the opportunities that arise. Now is the time to establish the foundations – not to copy others – but to build in our own way and style. But, to get there, we need to be guided on the journey – we have the necessary skills base but we need to keep on learning and to constantly fine-tune our approach. I believe that GULL can help us with this challenge.’

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