Episcopal Church of Sudan

I have been associated with the church and community mobilization process (CCMP) for many years. My initial contact came when I was working for ACROSS. Every time I went to the communities where CCMP was operating, I could see its impact on the people and the community. One of the most memorable experiences was meeting people who had been empowered and had gone through a complete change of attitude about poverty and what they could do for themselves to alleviate poverty. Now the Global University for Lifelong Learning is helping us to professionalize the process. As I observed the graduates - who have just completed the first phase of CCMP training and have been awarded their certificates – you could see the excitement. They have realized that the whole process is recognized which means that it is valued locally and internationally. I think that the CCMP-GULL relationship is a very important development.

(Photo) Anthony Poggo

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