Voice of Samoan People


TALOFA and greeting from the Voice of Samoan People

It is with a sense of joy and jubilation that we, the members of 'Voice of Samoan People' (VOSP) write to endorse the Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL). Our mission statement is: 'to advocate and provide services in order to enrich the lives of the Samoan people and the community at large. Here in Australia, we also seek to 'understand and practice the culture whilst upholding the laws of Australia. We wholeheartedly endorse the vision, aims and objectives of GULL and confirm that it our intention to embrace the GULL system for the benefit of our community.

VOSP sees this initiative as a blessing for families and especially our children both now and in the years to come. At the time of writing, only 2 percent of our children make it to university. There are many possible reasons why so few of our youngsters continue in education the most significant being limited academic attainment and the significant cost of higher education. Yet we know that our community possesses many talents, skills and potential - in all ages groups. Unfortunately this potential is not fulfilled and the traditional skills and abilities of our people are not recognized. The result is that this cycle repeats itself and this limits the scope for employment and self actualization. It is sad! Our people are more practical than academic and we do not have the necessary experience to encourage our children to excel and secure places in traditional academic institutions.

On behalf of our community, I should like to thank Richard Teare and the entire GULL team for sharing and implementing a vision that brings hope, opportunity, practical community-based learning and recognition for disadvantaged people everywhere. Many in our community feel that there is little to look forward to and as they engage with GULL, we know that it will give them a fresh sense of optimism as they attain professional qualifications.

We send our blessings and hopes for a new way of learning and progressing to a more prosperous and fulfilling life for the sake of all communities who struggle with acceptance, advancement and recognition.

Yours truly,

Faimalotoa John Pale
President of the VOSP
28th July 2010

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