State Function Room, Parliament House, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Friday 5 October 2007

Mr Winston Jacob, GULL Country Representative, Papua New Guinea and Event Chairman
Explains the GULL concept and mission, symbolized by a simple, contemporary logo featuring the outline of a bird in flight (GULL) embracing the world. Its message is that lifelong learning is a universal right for all.


Dr Richard Teare, President, GULL
Addresses three questions: (1) How will GULL encourage lifelong learning? (2) How will the process differ from traditional academic methods? (3) How does the GULL system work.


Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Prime Minister, Papua New Guinea, Co-Chancellor, GULL
Outlines the role of lifelong learning in developing the nation’s infrastucture and the human potential of the people of Papua New Guinea.


Mr Benson Ateng, Country Manager, World Bank, (Papua New Guinea, East Asia & Pacific Region).
Reflects on GULL’s role in encouraging lifelong learning, fostering courage and confidence and equipping learners to cope with a changing world. Endorses GULL’s work on behalf of the World Bank.


Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane, Governor General, Papua New Guinea, Founding Chancellor, GULL
Addresses three questions: (1) The problem: The world’s majority are excluded from development; (2) The response: GULL’s inclusive, universal mission; (3) Action: Global recognition – in perpetuity - of GULL’s work.


Mr Edward Mooney, Chairman, GULL
An official launch statement from California: GULL is established to extend opportunities for learning - especially to those with little or no access to traditional forms of education and training.


Dr Richard Teare / Mr Winston Jacob Press Conference
GULL’s global and national objectives: A briefing to the news, TV and radio media of Papua New Guinea.


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