Conceived as the first of a series of books, Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development documents GULL’s role in community development. View here the book Foreword by Sir Paulias Matane and eight videos about the role GULL is playing in rural community engagement.


1. Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development

Learning and Development for a Better World

By Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt and Richard Teare

This book explains and demonstrates how indigenous communities – built on traditional knowledge, culture and language – can be extended and strengthened by (1) the new, integrated methodology of Lifelong Action Learning (LAL), and (2) new approaches to learning and development as exemplified by the system of GULL (Global University for Lifelong Learning).

The GULL system harnesses the potential of people to bring about positive change together, characterized by self-reliance, financial independence, and cascading learning and benefits to others. It is a self-directed and self-sustainable process of learning and growth. The case studies in this book provide evidence that over time economically very poor communities can achieve transformations that bring with them many benefits personally, professionally and for the community.



2. Designing Inclusive Pathways with Young Adults

Learning and Development for a Better World

By Judith Kearney, Lesley Wood and Richard Teare

This book is the second in a series entitled ‘Learning and Development for a Better World’ to explore the potential for self-directed lifelong action learning (LAL). LAL enables all people and especially the world’s most disadvantaged, to discover their unique gifts; develop these talents together with like-minded people, become self-confident, self-directed and self-sufficient; and then cascade what they have learned to help others. These issues are addressed in Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development (Zuber-Skerritt and Teare, Sense Publishers 2013) and the aim here is to build on the conceptual framework for LAL by focusing on the design and implementation of pathways with and for young adults. As with the first, this free-standing book draws on approaches used by the Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL) with examples from nine countries. Our aim is to offer a timely response to the pressing global problem of access to learning and development for marginalized young people during the vulnerable period from their mid-teens to mid-twenties.



3. Lifelong Action Learning

A journey of discovery and celebration at work and in the community

By Richard Teare

To mark GULL’s tenth anniversary year, co-founder Richard Teare published a book about workplace and community-based lifelong action learning. During the ten year period, GULL has supported initiatives in 55 countries and the book draws on Richard’s work prior to GULL’s launch and from 2007-2018 - with reference to some 50 examples.

The book poses this question: Why is it that in the 21st century the place where a person is born still determines their life chance? The book aims to explain and illustrate the transformational potential of self-directed lifelong learning. As one response, it also outlines how a systematic approach can be provided to those who are traditionally excluded  - the low paid, the marginalized and the millions of people who are living in poverty.

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