Official Launch: Friday 5 October, 2007

State Function Room, National Parliament House, Papua New Guinea


Sir Paulias MataneWhy establish GULL?
The majority of the world’s population can only dream about access to education. For those who aspire to develop themselves without pre-qualification (from school or college) or the means of paying fees and related study costs, the barriers to entry are beyond their means.


Sir Paulias MataneImagine then, a different way – one without barriers – where GULL is the vehicle for knowledge transfer and balancing – from rich to poor, have, to have not. Unlike money, wealth and physical resources, knowledge thatis shared is doubled for the benefit of all human kind.



What is the mission?Winston & the PM
GULL offers formal recognition to the vital learning that occurs outside of traditional education and training.



GULL’s mandate …
It is with great honour and pride that the Government and Nation of Papua New Guinea endorses and recognizes the GlobalUniversity for Lifelong Learning …primarily for the developing world.


Prime Minister Speaking





How does GULL operate?
GULL awards professional certificates, diplomas and degrees and its learning process is entirely linked to outputs using an active, facilitated approach that is customized by the learner.



Benson AtengHow will learners make a difference?
Via systemized, lifelong learning coupled with professional certification. This provides the incentive and the framework needed to secure the learner’s active engagement.


GULL’s Professional award frameworkSmall GULL Logo
There are 15 levels with 3 development pathways:

  • (i) younger people (5 levels to Prof. Bachelor)
  • (ii) mature people (5 levels to Prof. Master)
  • (iii) senior leaders (5 levels to Prof. Doctor)
(i) Professional B Level At entry: age 18-25
(ii) Prof. M Level At entry: age 26+
(iii) Prof. D Level At entry: 30+
B level 1: Entry (B Entry) (Pass)
M level 1: Entry (M Entry) (Pass)
D level 1: Entry (D Entry) (Pass)
B level 2: Certificate (B Cert) (Pass)
M level 2: Certificate (M Cert) (Pass)
D level 2: Certificate (D Cert) (Pass)
B level 3: Diploma (B Dip) (Pass)
M level 3: Diploma (M Dip) (Pass)
D level 3: Diploma (D Dip) (Pass)
B level 4: Prof. Associate degree (B Assoc) (Pass)
M level 4: Advanced (Adv.) Diploma (M Dip A) (Pass)
D level 4: Advanced (Adv.) Diploma (D Dip A) (Pass)
B level 5: Prof. Bachelor degree (B Prof / B Mgt) (Graded)
M level 5: Prof. Master degree (M Prof / M Mgt) (Graded)
D level 5: Prof. Doctor degree (D Prof / D Mgt) (Pass)

GULL local representatives administer its international QA system. Every learner has to present evidence of their learning and its application. All work at Prof. Bachelor, Master and Doctor level (level 5) is independently verified.

Benson Ateng





PNG SymbolPlans for PNG: Capacity Building in Government
The aim is to enable the people of PNG to transform the Nation’s economic prospects in line with the Government’s medium term strategy.

How? empower the PNG Public Service to find solutions to the challenges they face.


PNG: Transformational change
Imagine: 1000s of people working on practical development challenges – in Government, every region and local community …

PNG FlagThe PNG National Forum for Human Capital Development will co-ordinate the process and track all outcomes.




PNG: Capacity Building for the Nation
World Bank support will enable the PNG National Forum to cascade, engage with and certify the ‘Personal Viability’ programme, operating throughout PNG at grassroots level.

World Bank PNG


GULL launch: Commemorative stamp
Post PNG issued a commemorative stamp to celebrate the launch of GULL. The stamp features the GULL logo and PNG orchids.

GULL Commemorative Stamp


GULL is a not-for-profit foundation registered in California, USA. GULL is recognized by the Government of Papua New Guinea & endorsed by other Governments, Leaders & Institutions.

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