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Sandals Resorts International, Jamaica - March, 2010


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sandals execs awarded doctorates
TWO senior executives of the Sandals chain of hotels -Louis Grant and Howard Spittle -
received high recognition from the Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL) at a
special ceremony and graduation service held at Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, St Ann

Louis Grant (left), general manager of Sandals, Dunn's River, and Howard Spittle, general manager
of Beaches Boscobel, congratulate each other after receiving their doctorates from Global University for
Lifelong Learning following a special ceremony at Royal Plantation recently.

Grant, general manager of Sandals Dunn's River and former Hotelier of the Year, was conferred with a honorary doctorate, while Spittle, general manager of Beaches Boscobel, received a doctorate.

Below: Another 30 team members from Sandals, Beaches and Royal Plantation resorts were awarded their Bachelors Level 2 and Masters Degrees at the ceremony and at a second ceremony in Montego Bay, St James.


GULL is a non-profit foundation which provides systematic approach to lifelong learning. In making the presentation to Grant, GULL President and Co-Founder Dr Richard Teare said he was being conferred with the honorary doctorate in recognition of his career-long professional attainment and his support of others in the industry.

"Mr Grant is widely acclaimed as a hotelier's hotelier and he has worked in the business for some 54
years," said Dr Teare. "Many of his colleagues speak of his legendary ability to mentor and develop team
members and managers so that they might achieve their full potential."

The GULL president spoke of the need for organisational responses to changes in a global world, adding that Grant's contribution to the development of the hospitality industry in Jamaica is reflected in numerous prizes and awards. He was the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association's 2007 Hotelier of the Year and in 2008 was conferred with the Order of Distinction for Meritorious Service to the Tourism Industry.

He hailed Sandals Resorts International's vision in seeking to empower team members and noted "There is no company stronger in its field than Sandals". He also praised the development he had seen in the resort chain adding that action learning would help team members to further advance their careers and contribute to the future development of the company as well as Jamaica's hospitality industry.

In his acceptance speech, Grant told guests that "If you are willing to put in the work you can be all you want
to be". He lauded GULL's effort as an organisation "that teaches people to think".

"The hotel business is a challenging profession that requires effort, discipline and a willingness to keep learning," he emphasised.

Phillip Brown, Sandals' director of human resources training and service standards, said
the upgraded education of staff would continue to set Sandals apart in the industry. He
told the graduates that self-actualization was the only way to transform their lives.
Sandals, he pledged, would continue to build on its relationship with GULL in bringing
education to the workplace as "many people don't have the time or money to further their
education". He also spoke of the resort chain's thrust to promote professional growth by
encouraging team members at all levels to fulfil their dreams by pursuing courses with
institutions such as GULL.

Valedictorian for the Ocho Rios region, Natoya Chung,
said that "The GULL Programme has opened our eyes
to the many ideas, means and ways of improving
ourselves while adding to the high standards that
Sandals Resorts is well known for".
"I find myself having more confidence and can take on
greater challenges," said the Sandals Dunn's River
Phillip Brown

Of the Montego Bay graduates, Beverly Robinson, head of the Landscaping Department at
Sandals Montego Bay, achieved what she never thought was possible -Level 2 Bachelor's

Sandals Montego Bay's Landscaping Supervisor Beverly Robinson (centre), receives her certificate of completion of her level 2 Bachelor's programme from GULL President Dr Richard Teare. Looking on at left is the resort's executive assistant manager, Dawn Smith.

"When I first started it was very challenging and I would sometimes hold my head and wonder why I decided to do this," she said. "But with help from fellow managers, encouragement from my grounds team and with the more progress I made in the course, I felt more relaxed and more confident. I feel proud of myself today.”

That pride of accomplishment is shared by her son Bob Broomfield, who is the stewarding manager at the resort. "My mother is the most determined person I know. I have yet to meet the person who has that type of attitude towards being successful. Being the only
woman working and in charge of the men in the grounds department tells you that she has
a passion for what she is doing and she does it with all her heart. I am immensely proud of
all her achievements but I know this is just the beginning for her," noted Broomfield.
(Above) Beverly Robinson (centre) with her team at Sandals Montego Bay

Learning and working are fully integrated so as to sustain learning as well as recognising skills development and attainment.

The programme has been fully endorsed by Sandals Resorts International with the aim of providing easy access to professional and academic excellence in the workplace. This will result in more team members having the chance to further their education.

(Right) Dr Howard Spittle, general manager, Beaches Boscobel, Ocho Rios with some of his team members


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