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Sandals Negril pioneers: BL4 & ML4 – 3 July 09

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‘GULL gives hotel professionals hope’
The Sunday Observer, July 12, 2009 Jamaica
‘Professionals from a variety of sectors consider a return to the classroom as part of efforts to achieve their career goals, but there are many factors – family responsibility, the financial cost and time – that prevent them from doing so.

It is for this reason that Sandals Resorts International has sought to and succeeded in providing easy access to professional learning in the workplace.

Through the resort chain’s thrust to promote professional growth, team members at all levels of the organisational ladder are encouraged to fulfil their dreams with the Global University for Lifelong Learning.

The institution provides a systematic approach to lifelong learning that helps people to work more smartly, to feel better about themselves and to sustain their own active learning and development.’

‘President and co-founder, Dr Richard Teare noted in a graduation ceremony held at Sandals Negril on July 3, that there is a need for organisational responses to change in a global world, where companies and institutions will have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Learning and working are fully integrated so as to sustain learning and recognise skills development and attainment. Aside from extensive cost savings, convenience and customisation benefits, the students who
engage in active learning can ensure that the rate of learning (organisational and individual) is equal to or greater than the rate of economic, competitive or technological change.

Valedictorian Deviann Parkins, the Spa Manager at Sandals Negril who recently completed the Professional Master Advanced Diploma (Level 4) said that GULL presents the perfect opportunity to increase skills and knowledge at work.’

‘Director of Human Resource, Training and Service Standards, Phillip Brown congratulated the 13 graduates from the Sandals and Beaches resorts in Negril who earned certification at various professional levels.

He said organisations must look for ways to create opportunities for their employees. Brown added that competitive edge is maintained within the workforce when an organisation has all or most of their employees professionally qualified. This he said contributes to high service levels, productivity and increased staff morale.’

Beverley ThorpeSandals Negril: Beverley Beverage Manager

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Sandals Montego Bay graduation 9 July 09: Participants from Sandals Royal Caribbean, Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Resorts International

‘Montego Bay Sandals staff graduate from lifelong learning programme’
The Western Mirror, July 13, 2009 Jamaica
‘Over 30 team members from Sandals Resorts International’s corporate office in Montego Bay, Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Montego Bay resorts graduated from GULL professional programmes at a ceremony held at Sandals Montego Bay’s Frank Warren Chapel on Thursday July 9, 2009.

The graduates, who came from a cross-section of the resort chain’s operations, were the proud recipients of certificates and diplomas at Bachelor, Master and Doctor levels. This first GULL graduating class for the Montego Bay region, comprised of administrative assistants, revenue agents, cooks, resort supervisors and managers, corporate administrators and directors, was a testimony to Sandals Resorts’ continued commitment to recognising the professional development of its staff and ultimately creating a skilled and empowered workforce within the hospitality sector.’

‘In his welcome address, Sandals Montego Bay General Manager Phillip Cardnell, who graduated with a Level 3 Diploma, Professional Doctor pathway, said: ‘I am thrilled that my team and I got the opportunity to participate in a programme like this, one which gives validation to years of experience in the industry. I embrace this programme and pledge Sandals Montego Bay’s wholehearted and continued support.’

Mrs Shirleene Bingham-Armstrong, Valedictorian for the function said: ‘When Dr Richard Teare, President, GULL and our Director of Human Resource, Training and Service Standards Mr Phillip Brown introduced the action learning programme back in April, all of us as HR and Training professionals were enthusiastic about this opportunity. The programme came at such a suitable time when Sandals is not looking for individuals just to do a job but rather to offer the best service – service that will not only exceed guests’ expectations but will also contribute to self development and equip us to be more productive citizens in our country.’

As an HR Coordinator, Mrs Bingham-Armstrong worked closely with other participants and noted that ‘we became more aware of our purpose and were focusing on solutions to challenges…’

Tasshoya Small, Administrative Assistant, Sandals Montego Bay Watersports Dept, who achieved her Bachelor Level 2 Certificate is one such action learner who admits to growing exponentially by using the GULL process.

Participating in the programme allowed me to manage my time better because I had to do my daily tasks while simultaneously recording how I operate in my department. It has really improved my writing skills and vocabulary and also allowed me to analyse my professional and personal goals even deeper, giving me more clarity as to where I am now and where I want to be.’

The next programme begins on September 8, 2009 with the start of the Bachelor level 3, Master Level 4 and Doctor Levels 3 and 4 work.

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Celebrating action learning at work. GULL graduation event, Ocho Rios, 12 July 09



Sandals & Beaches Ocho Rios graduation, 12 July 09 - Participants from Sandals Dunn’s River, Sandals Grande Ocho Rios, Royal Plantation and Beaches Boscobel


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