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Briefing and Graduation Events, Turks & Caicos Isles & the Bahamas - 17-27 July 2009


Beaches Turks & Caicos graduation, 20 July 2009

Pictured above is the BL2/BL3 group completing BL2. 115 participants graduated between 20-22 July. They were guided by Shelly-Ann (front, centre)



‘Learning is a Lifelong Adventure’
Free Press, July 23-29, 2009 Turks & Caicos
An old Chinese proverb says, a wise man never stops learning. The staff at Beaches Resort and Spa have been taking this saying to heart, creating an environment of learning that knows no bounds. They proved that this Monday when more than 100 members of their team graduated with various certificates and diplomas.

A partnership with GULL is enabling staff from all walks of life to further their learning and realize their dreams via affordable pathways to professional Bachelor, Master and Doctor degrees. Dr Richard Teare, President, GULL was on hand to present graduates with their certificates. When asked about the graduates from Beaches Turks and Caicos, he said, ‘I am tremendously encouraged to see so many graduates.’ Dr Shelly-Ann Whitely-Clarke, Training and Development Manager at Beaches, added, ‘I’m happy that I’m in the position to assist in the personal and professional development of our team members.’

In his address to the graduating crowd, Dr Teare said: ‘The purpose of GULL is to allow busy professionals and the community to engage in a process that enables them to grow holistically. It can enable individuals, many of whom did not expect to be able to advance, to take ownership of their learning. The process and changes individuals go through speak for themselves.’

It is clear to see that many motivated employees have taken advantage of the opportunities available to them. This year, members of the team graduate with professional certificates, diplomas and degrees. They include: 41 learners with Bachelor Level 2 Certificate; 16 with a Level 3 Diploma; 26 with Professional Associate degree; 19 with a professional Bachelor degree and 13 with a professional Master degree.

The programme is a wonderful benefit to both the employer, who gets more highly skilled and motivated staff but also to the employee who extends their credentials and opens doors for themselves that might not otherwise exist.

D’Kandro Bain a team member from the entertainment department who graduated with a professional Bachelor level 2 Certificate said: ‘I’m grateful for the opportunity to achieve something for myself personally and to be able to grow in the hospitality and tourism Business’.



Beaches Turks & Caicos graduation

Beaches Turks & Caicos graduation, 21 July 2009. Pictured above is the BL4/BL5 group completing BL2.



Beaches Turks & Caicos graduation, 22 July 2009. Pictured above is the ML5 group completing ML3.



Pictured: Karl (ML3), Melissa (ML3), Nadia (ML3)



Pictured: Mark (ML3), Michael (ML3), Raluca (ML3)



Pictured: Nichole (ML3), Tanya (ML3), Monique (ML3)



Bahamas, 24 July 09 Sandals Royal Bahamian Frederick (centre, left) receives his ML4 certificate at a briefing attended by the senior management team





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