GULL celebrations in South East Asia

Kuala Lumpur and Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia & Hong Kong, SAR China | 22-26 March & 7 April, 2011


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chantel Academy and GULL graduation and the inauguration of HRH Princess Aizian Utto Camsa as GULL Pro Chancellor, Tuesday 22 March, 2011

Her Royal Highness Putri Aizian, Princess of the Royal House of Buayan, Philippines, is a dedicated contributor to national and international foundations for education and humanitarian causes and among other initiatives, she has experience with humanitarian project management and has helped to establish micro-franchise networks.

(Above left) Richard Teare and Dato' Vincent Tang, Regional President, South East Asia welcome HRH Putri Aizian as GULL Pro Chancellor

(Above right) Chantel Academy graduates from Johor Bahru, Malaysia




Chantel Academy, Malaysia
Chantel Ng, GULL's first Ambassador for Malaysia, Tuesday 22 March, 2011

Chantel Ng is GULL's first Ambassador for Malaysia. She is Founder and President of the Chantel Academy, Vice Chair of the Johor Venture Association, a Malaysia national trainer and coach and a City & Guilds authorized instructor. Among other commitments, Chantel is a regular beauty therapy periodical columnist, lecturer, assessor and author of teaching and training materials.

Chantel comments: “In the era of lifelong learning, what should we be striving to achieve for ourselves and for others? UNESCO suggests that learning to learn, to be human and to get on with others are vital skills. GULL's process of action learning encourages a process of learning that is holistic, enjoyable, integrative and relational. There is no better way to learn about ourselves and to discover how to make the best possible contribution to our wider sphere of influence at work and in the community.”

(Above) Chantel Ng, Ambassador for Malaysia with Richard Teare and Dato' Vincent Tang




Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China
GULL launch event, China, Thursday, 24 March, 2011

The GULL launch event for Great China began with a meeting and luncheon with Dr LC Koo, Chairman of the Macau Quality Management Association (MQMA) and his colleagues.

(Above from left) James Farmer, Hannah Koo, Director, MQMA, Richard Teare, LC Koo, Chairman, MQMA and Vincent Tang

(Above right) GULL launch event for Great China, members of the organizing and advisory team led by Rose Chu.

Dr Darling Lee is GULL's first Ambassador for China. Dr Lee qualified as a medical doctor in the UK, specializing in diagnostic radiology. She is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and the Hong Kong College of Radiologists and a life member of the Hong Kong Medical Association.

Dr Don Allison is the first recipient of GULL's honorary doctorate in China. He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and he has held many senior management positions. He currently works with numerous charities and he is a board director of the Hong Kong Early Childhood Development Research Foundation.

(Above left) Vincent Tang, Dr Don Allison, GULL Elder, Dr Darling Lee, GULL Ambassador, Richard Teare and Tam Yiu Chung, Honourable Legislator, Hong Kong.

(Above right) Dr Don Allison and Dr Darling Lee together with portraits painted by Dr Lee.

Representatives from many community and workplace organizations in Hong Kong and China attended the launch event, organized by Rose Chu, GULL Adviser in Project Management. Pictured below (left) with Rose is the GULL advisory team for China: Don Allison, Honorary Adviser; Darling Lee, Ambassador for Great China; Guo Hung, Professor, Sichuan Institute; Stephen Lee; Li Zhong Qiang; Adam Leow; Joe Tse Kit and Liu Zhan.

(Above left) The GULL China Advisory team led by Rose Chu (left) with Vincent Tang, Regional President and Richard Teare, President, GULL

(Above right) A launch party and birthday party for Don Allison at the "Amazing Place' youth church and restaurant.




Visit to the Breakthrough Centre Village, Hong Kong
Friday 25 March, 2011

Founded in 1973, Breakthrough is a non-profit organization providing cultural and educational services for young people. Anchored in the Christian faith, Breakthrough cares for the holistic development of youngsters and helps them to achieve their potential. Breakthrough believe that the key issue is whether and how young people are affirmed, encouraged and stimulated in order to release creativity and potential.

(Above left) Breakthrough work with many thousands of youngsters every year by offering short courses that encourage holistic development.

(Above right) A map of the Breakthrough Centre Village. The centre provides excellent outdoor and indoor facilities for skills development.

Breakthrough's work encompasses the Media, Interpersonal skills development, Liberal Studies, Research and Development (focusing on youth culture and contemporary issues) and a wide array of training and development short courses. All these activities can be interlinked with GULL's professional Bachelor pathway via GULL's outcomes mapping approach. The purpose is to link training inputs and practice with outcomes (evidence of learning and application), recognition and professional certification.

(Above left, centre left) Dr Philemon Choi Yuen Wan, Founder of Breakthrough with members of his team and the visiting GULL team

(Above right) Guo Hung, Vincent Tang, Richard Teare and Rose Chu exploring Breakthrough's story board from 1973 to the present day.




Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Value Hospitality Group Corporate Business School (CBS) and GULL Graduation event, Saturday 26 March, 2011

Value Hospitality currently manages 7 hotels and resorts in Malaysia and several years ago the company established the foundations of its own corporate business school (CBS) by embracing action learning and the GULL system.

Value's first graduation event held at the Park City Everly Hotel Bintulu on 26 March 2011 recognized the attainments of the inaugural group of managers and staff.

(Above left) Value Hospitality CBS and GULL graduation event.

(Above right) Graduates celebrate the award of GULL's professional Bachelor and Master degree qualifications.




Rationale for the Value Hospitality Group CBS:

At Value Hospitality, we believe in multitasking and a multi-skilled workforce ... we also seek to ensure that staff prioritize and schedule their work, plan for peak periods and re- allocate resources according to operational needs. Teamwork and all these approaches increase productivity, create a better working environment and generate better customer response times ...We continually invest in the training and development of our people, as they are the driving force behind any hotel operations.

(Above, front left) Mr Dennis Tan, Value's senior executive with his staff: GULL professional Master degree recipients (with red hoods) and professional Bachelor degree recipients (blue hoods).




Corporate Business School (CBS) launch, Thursday 7 April, 2011
CANI Continuing Education SDN BHD and GULL. Guest of Honour, YB Senator Gan Ping Shou, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Malaysia

CANI Continuing Education is the latest of numerous organizations in South East Asia to affiliate with GULL. CANI plan to develop their own CBS in support of workplace training and development in Malaysia.

(Above left, left to right) Albert Lim, CEO, CANI Academy, Zai Jie, Professor, QingHua University of China, YB Gan Ping Shou, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Malaysia and Dato' Vincent Tang, Regional President, GULL South East Asia.

(Above right) Invited guests at the CBS launch. The event featured on Channel 5 Television, Malaysia.

CANI Continuing Education SDN BHD and GULL

GULL South East Asia's CBI initiative is supported by the Malaysia Government and by industry and commerce. Government and workplace organizations are embracing GULL's action learning approach in order to accelerate the rate of learning and to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

(Above left) YB Gan Ping Shou, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Malaysia presents gifts to VIP guests Gan Ah Seng, President, Malaysia Speaker Association and Chua Tian Wee, President, SMI Association of Malaysia.

(Above right) Dato' Dr Vincent Tang, Regional President, GULL, South East Asia is interviewed by Channel 5 Television, Malaysia.


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