End of Year Highlights 2021

Updates from Papua New Guinea and South Africa A tribute to the late Sir Paulias Matane.


Papua New Guinea
The Human Development Institute and GULL

Over a period of 25 years, the Human Development Institute (HDI) designed, implemented and refined a holistic human development and education system that addresses the root cause of poverty and societal problems. HDI’s Personal Viability (PV) system focuses on enabling people to learn and practice the entrepreneurial skills needed to establish and sustain a micro enterprise. HDI uses GULL’s professional award system to recognize the attainment of key outcomes in this gradual, step by step process. HDI believes that education starts at home but if adults have not themselves had educational opportunity, they are unlikely to have the experience and confidence needed to develop their children.

On Thursday 16 Septe mber, HDI celebrated the 25 th anniversary of Personal Viability (PV) a system that facilitates self reliance and financial independence and has been developed, tested and refined with the involvement of thousands of participants. (Above) HDI’s PV Home School an innovative, PNG authored action learning approach.




South Africa
Bloem Shelter, Bloemfontein, The Free State

Karen Venter at the University of the Free State (UFS) introduced GULL to local community groups in 2015 and in so doing, Karen and her colleagues devised a GULL pathway for women at Bloem Shelter, an organization that provides assistance to underprivileged women and children from diverse walks of life. The women have since then, helped each other to develop the necessary skills needed to become self-sufficient – an experience that has yielded positive, constructive change for all the participants. Bloem Shelter uses the GULL pathway to enable residents to move from dependent to independent living via micro enterprise.




South Africa
Bloem Shelter, Bloemfontein, 15 October 2021

The pandemic has had a significant impact on GULL’s work around the world – above all because low income communities have been disproportionately affected. Yet, Karen, Heidi, Alfi, Suretha and the team at Bloem Shelter have continued their journey with GULL.

On 15 October, Bloem Shelter held an open day to share on-going development at the Shelter and to appreciate the holistic development of GULL participants.



Karen pictured with Sonya (Above left) and with Tracy as they receive GULL holistic development pathway awards (Above right).




A tribute to Sir Paulias Matane GCL, GCMG, KStJ, OBE
Founding Chancellor, GULL (5 th October 2007 11 th December 2021)

Samuel Tam MBE, CSI, OL, Founder and Chairman, Human Development Institute, Papua New Guinea (PNG) writes:

The Late Sir Paulias Matane, Papua New Guinea’s Eighth Governor General and prior to that: teacher, senior public servant, diplomat, traveller and author, was a firm believer in and advocate of lifelong learning. He had a vision for educational inclusion and so he endorsed the work of the Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL) and Papua New Guinea’s Human Development Institute (HDI) and its Personal Viability (PV) programme. PV is a unique, PNG authored action learning system for holistic, entrepreneurial, business and economic development and Sir Paulias supported PV from its inception in 1996.

The HDI board of directors, management, staff, coaches, students and development partners are extremely grateful for the active support of such a distinguished and prominent Papua New Guinean leader.

(Above) The Late Sir Paulias Matane, Eighth Governor General, Papua New Guinea.


A man of vision who was dedicated to serving the poorest

Richard Teare, GULL President writes:

Paulias was born in a remote subsistence community in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG) on 21 st September 1931. As both his parents died when he was a young boy, he was raised by his elderly grandparents. His grandfather told him that if he wanted to succeed in life, he had to be focused, have a vision, set an objective, plan for it, and with total honesty, commitment and perseverance, he would reach his goal. Paulias followed his grandfather’s advice and at the age of 17, he was able to attend school for the first time. Astonishingly, prior to his election as the Eight Governor General of PNG on 26 May 2004, he had served his country as a Permanent Secretary, an Ambassador, a High Commissioner, and as a Vice President of the United Nations General Assembly. We met in the UK when he was visiting Her Majesty the Queen and quickly discovered that we shared a similar vision. We began to correspond by email about the basis for what became GULL’s mandate to award professional qualifications. This took the form of a Statement of Recognition (offered in perpetuity), signed by Sir Paulias and Sir Michael Somare on 10 April 2007.

(Above) The Late Sir Paulias Matane, Eighth Governor General, Papua New Guinea.




GULL is a non-profit public benefit corporation registered in California, USA. GULL’s mandate to confer professional awards is based on a statement of recognition offered in perpetuity and signed by the Head of State and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea on 10 April 2007. GULL is also endorsed by other Governments, Leaders and Institutions.

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