Mid Year Highlights 2019

Features news from Kenya, Rwanda, Malaysia and the USA.


Nairobi – Sunday 03 March, Redeemed Gospel Church

Since its inception in the late 1990s, the church and community mobilization (CCM) process has been adopted by churches in more than 20 African countries. GULL supports the work of CCM in Africa by recognizing and certifying the outcomes of self-help that release people from poverty. The outcomes are life-changing and participants are highly motivated to earn GULL awards.

‘People are the best experts of their situation. They know how best they can solve their problem. It’s just that they have not been given the opportunity to look hard at what they have and what they can do. CCM with GULL creates that opportunity and it is empowering.’ Francis Njoroge, CCM Founder.


(Above left) Around 3,000 people at the Redeemed Gospel Church morning service on the CCM with GULL graduation day.

(Above right) In 2019, the NGO Tearfund published the 178 page Facilitator’s Manual authored by CCM Founder Francis Njoroge (with inputs from 18 CCM leaders)




Nairobi – Sunday 03 March, CCM with GULL graduation

The Redeemed Gospel Church (RGC) ‘Pipeline’ is located in Embakasi – one of the most densely populated areas of Nairobi. The church began implementing CCM in 2012 and as an outcome, has greatly extended the practical help and support it provides to the surrounding community areas. On-going initiatives include responses to the needs of vulnerable groups and peace-building.

The church is facilitating inclusive, self- directed community development and inspired by the study that occurs in its 45 home bible church groups, church members are setting-up micro enterprise and other initiatives that are helping to transform the prospects of the poorest.


(Above left) 60 CCM participants from three RGCs received their GULL awards for completing the CCM foundation stage on Sunday 3 March.

(Above right) Francis Njoroge (CCM Founder) and Richard Teare (GULL President), pictured with Aaron Abiluba and Josephine Chavaseki who led the RGC team.




Kigali – Tuesday 05 March

On 5 March, a group of social entrepreneurs met for a GULL briefing and to frame their own plans for learning with GULL. Ciprien (below, second right) said: I would like to work on two things: First, my time management skills and especially how I achieve what I have planned to do. Second, I’d like to become more committed to practical action in helping people who are not able to advocate for themselves.

At the same meeting Sam Nkurunga (picture below with his wife and with George Moses Kwehangana and Richard Teare) received his GULL award. Sam, formerly of World Vision said: I have been able to make so many positive changes both at home and at work since I began the journey.

I know this because of the reflections I have noted and the actions I have taken to secure positive change. My project team focus was to help many thousands of people to advance from extreme poverty and we have achieved what we set out to do. Sam’s skills are transferable and he now runs RwandAir’s catering operations.




Kuala Lumpur – 9th Annual Graduation, 12 May

GULL’s 9th Annual Malaysian Graduation took place on Sunday 12 May 2019 at the Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA) in central Kuala Lumpur. The event draws on collaborative work with some 40 skill development centres in Malaysia. GULL’s role complements the technical training by introducing action learning and self-directed development.


(Above left) More than 300 people attended this year’s graduation event. Uniquely, GULL South East Asia has a high proportion of young award recipients who secure jobs as soon as they complete their studies. This is because they are technically skilled and able to utilize lifelong action learning to adjust to the requirements of the workplace.

(Above right) Dato’ Dr Vincent Tang and his team pictured at the end of another successful and smooth running graduation event.




Kuala Lumpur – celebrating outcomes

A key milestone in 2019 was the publication of a book that outlines the action learning approach and profiles GULL’s work in South East Asia. The four parts of the book cover: key concepts and principles, workplace and community applications and the development of GULL’s work in South East Asia with particular reference to Malaysia and the creation of a national associate centre network that spans an array of industry sectors and community-based agencies.


(Above left) The front cover of the book written by Richard Teare and Vincent Tang

(Above right) In 2020, Professor Kashif Hussain, (Above, second right) Dean of the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management at UCSI University will edit with Vincent and other colleagues a journal issue that includes reference to GULL’s work with industry during the past nine years.




Graduation 1: New Jersey, Tuesday 18 June

Eurest has been using the GULL system since 2008 and Mark H Maloney, President, Eurest Eastern Division considers the mission of GULL to be to develop the company’s future leaders: In the coming year we’ll open up around 30 new marketplaces – around $25 million growth. The logic of using the GULL system is that we are developing our own people in response to year on year growth.


(Above left) The first of four GULL professional Bachelor level 2 (Certificate) graduation events took place in Princeton, New Jersey on 18 June, when ten delegates received their certificates.

(Above right) Mike Benson comments: A highlight of the GULL program for me has been working with my mentor. At the outset, I thought that GULL would be similar to a standard style training program – but it’s not like that at all and it has been a refreshing experience because of the focus on personal and professional development.




Graduation 2: Virginia, Wednesday 19 June

Commenting on the outcomes, Regional Vice President Ritu Dewan said: This is my third GULL graduation and as I listened today, I heard a sense of professional maturity and emotional intelligence in the articulate interview responses. It is amazing how this short program creates so much opportunity for self-discovery: from dealing with procrastination and impatience to becoming better organized and more confident.


(Above left) The second of four graduation events took place in Richmond, Virginia on 19 June, when eight delegates received their certificates.

(Above right) Dania Benitez said: This program has helped me to grow my self-confidence. I was nervous but now, I have a positive ‘can do’ attitude to every task that I undertake. At home, I know that I am now more organized and much more confident in everything that I do – these are the outcomes of looking within and developing myself with the aid of my diary, my mentor and my manager.




Graduation 3: Massachusetts, Thursday 20 June

GULL Coordinator and Eurest Regional Director Brian Gottlob explains: Nominees for our Manager in Training program draw first on our GULL graduates. This is because they know how to learn at work, engage in self-directed personal and professional development and work with a mentor. This year, around 65 people were nominated for GULL and 36 were selected, representing all the Eurest Eastern Division regions.g.


(Above left) The third of four graduation events took place in Marlborough, Massachusetts on 20 June, when nine delegates received their certificates.

(Above right) Evelyn Vazquez said: A lot has changed for me since I began with GULL - I’m now doing things that I never anticipated doing. It is the first time that I have worked closely with a mentor and it has helped me to notice and work on aspects of personal and professional development that I hadn’t considered before the program.




Graduation 4: North Carolina, Friday 21 June

Normally at a big graduation event there are 100s of graduates and they ascend the stage, receive their certificate and move on – but we do it differently! They may have been nervous but our graduates were composed, articulate and shared the introspection and reflections openly with us. Thank you and well done! Mark H Maloney


(Above left) The fourth graduation event took place in Charlotte, North Carolina on 21 June, when seven delegates received their certificates.

(Above right) Robert Keniston comments: The program has helped me in my efforts to manage myself and others more effectively – I learnt how to make these improvements by finding space to reflect each day – it is hard at first but it gradually delivers benefits. I also learnt that if a particular action doesn’t work as intended, then a different tactic and/or guidance from others will likely yield a solution.




GULL is a non-profit public benefit corporation registered in California, USA. GULL’s mandate to confer professional awards is based on a statement of recognition offered in perpetuity and signed by the Head of State and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea on 10 April 2007. GULL is also endorsed by other Governments, Leaders and Institutions.

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