GULL End of Year Highlights 2014

Featuring news (in sequence) from Papua New Guinea, USA, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Guatemala & Macau, SAR China. (July – December)


Madang, Papua New Guinea
Updates & Graduation 28 & 29 July

World Vision (WV) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has been working with GULL since November 2010 and in week commencing 28 July 2014, more than 90 WV community volunteers and WV staff received awards ranging from professional Bachelor level 1 Entry (Community Development) to level 5 Bachelor of Professional Studies (Community Development).

As a next step, the GULL system will be fully aligned with WV PNG’s new integrated competency development (ICD) framework.


(Above left) More than 20 WV staff together with senior community representatives (including a head teacher and a district education advisor) attended the GULL refresher training day on 28 July in Madang. Grace Heaoa (Centre) leads and coordinates for WV PNG with GULL.

(Above right) Marlon Villanueva, WV PNG’s Senior Operations Manager, congratulates GULL award recipients.




WV PNG Madang with GULL graduation
Tuesday 29 July

Nearly 60 WV volunteer early childhood teachers and WV staff received awards that reflect their individual level of personal and professional development (GULL’s personal development strand) and the successful implementation of projects and other activities (the WV PNG and GULL technical strand).


(Above left) Graduation! WV’s volunteer teachers had successful implemented their own early childhood learning centres – in some cases, they had even constructed their own building. Philip Morrison, District Education Advisor, said that this initiative has given rise to a new vision and hope in the hearts of the ten communities in his District.

(Above right) ‘Gull’ an orphaned green parrot also attended the celebration!




Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
Friday 01 August

Arawa, Bougainville was the location for the second refresher training and graduation event. To build on the outcomes to-date, a WV PNG lead team (all GULL graduates) is aligning the GULL system with WV’s ICD approach so as to encourage, recognize and certify the outcomes of self-directed action learning. Six key objectives have been identified as the basis for this 15 month-long project.

The lead team will also deploy GULL’s Tracking, Review and Corrective Action (TRACA) system to facilitate Country level oversight and incremental improvement linked to an annual progress review.


(Above left, back row) Curt Boguslawski WV PNG Country Director attended the graduation together with Bougainville Government representatives including Hon. Melchior Dare, Minister for Community Development.

(Above right) The celebrations were led by a local bamboo pipe band and dancers.




WV PNG Bougainville with GULL graduation
Friday 01 August

Among other WV PNG with GULL objectives, the lead team together with GULL community participants will design and implement procedures for on-going community led-tracking and the quantification of social return on investment (SROI). This will become a prerequisite of certification so as to provide both WV and community-led perspectives on the value added by lifelong action learning.

It will also be a developmental step in professionalizing community-led development.


(Above left) Almost 40 WV staff and volunteer early childhood teachers proudly hold the envelopes containing their GULL awards.

(Above right) GULL President Richard Teare auditions for the bamboo pipe band




Eurest USA Eastern Division
Graduation & Updates 09 & 10 September

Eurest USA Eastern Division (ED) and GULL have been collaborating since 2008 and in September, two events took place to recognize the professional development attainments of staff and in particular, some of the Division’s hourly associates. Commenting on the outcomes, Mark H Maloney, ED President (Eastern States) said: ‘I am so impressed by what you have achieved and by your testimonies about the benefits arising from engaging with the GULL pathway’. Eurest ED have made their own video to profile on-going work with GULL and arising from this, a wider collaborative effort in the USA is likely in 2015.


(Above left) GULL participants and their mentors at the Eurest ED Tri-State region Cluster 1 graduation event held at SAP America Inc., PA on Tuesday 09 September.

(Above right) GULL participants and mentors at the Eurest ED Mid-Atlantic region Cluster 2 event held at ExxonMobil, Washington DC on Wednesday 10 September.




Seaford, Jamaica, scoping a community pilot
Friday 12 September

Community representatives in Seaford, Westmoreland met with the GULL Jamaica team to discuss a community-led personal and professional development initiative for a group of Seaford’s young adults. Given its rural location, Seaford is struggling to retain and develop a diminishing population of young adults. Although Seaford has its own community college, young people from Seaford opt not to enrol and most of the students come by bus each day from neighbouring townships.

As local employment opportunities are limited, Seaford’s young people tend to migrate to Montego Bay in search of jobs. The aim of the pilot is to create pathways to local employment or micro enterprise (facilitated by locals) so that Seaford’s young people do not have to move away.


(Above) Meeting in Seaford, Westmoreland, Jamaica on Friday 12 September 2014 with GULL participants, technical leads, mentors and journalists from CVM television. Pictured left, Norma Taylor, GULL President, Jamaica with Jude Gardner, Seaford technical lead (second left); Richard Teare (centre) and second from the right, Erica Kerr-De Silva, GULL graduate and resource support with Jeanette Lynch (right) Seaford community GULL coordinator and mentor.




Learning for Transformation in Sri Lanka
Thursday 02 October

GULL has been working with World Vision Lanka (WVL) since December, 2012 and on 02 October, more than 160 WVL staff members received GULL’s professional Bachelor level 3 Diploma or Bachelor of Professional Studies (Learning for Transformation) awards at a ceremony in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city.

‘Learning for Transformation’ (LfT) is an excellent self-development process designed by Nigel Goddard, World Vision’s Community Engagement Director for Laos. At the outset, Nigel and Richard Teare integrated GULL with LfT so that participants could be recognized for their efforts and build on early outcomes at subsequent levels.

At the graduation, WVL National Director, Suresh Bartlett said that he was delighted by the outcomes and he encouraged participants to continue and to share their learning with others.


(Above left) LfT with GULL graduates and (Above right) members of the LfT with GULL lead team (left to right): Viraj, Caroline, Nilanka, Olivet and Richard Teare.




‘Lights lit from the Light’
Community Award Ceremony, 04 October

On Saturday 04 October the 7th Award Ceremony of the South Asian Academy for Good Governance (SAAGG) with GULL took place in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. GULL Pro Chancellor (Sri Lanka) Venerable Karagaswewe Wimalananda Thero chaired the event and Professor C. M. Madduama Bandara delivered the convocation address on aspects of good governance. Among other distinguished guests, the event was attended by Uruwarige Wanniyalettho, leader of the indigenous communities in Sri Lanka – the nearest Sri Lanka has to a King.

The colourful, annual SAAGG with GULL event was attended by more than 400 people from every region of Sri Lanka.


(Above left) A group of SAAGG with GULL graduates pictured with Dr Chandra Bandara (centre) Executive Director of SAAGG and Founder of the community organization ‘Samadeepa’.

(Above right) Attending for the first time, Sri Lanka’s indigenous leader is pictured with GULL President, Richard Teare.




World Vision Kenya (31 October) and GULLNet Kenya (01 November)

On Friday 31 October, more than 60 World Vision Kenya (WVK) staff and volunteers were recognized as a ceremony held at WVK’s offices in Narok, South Western Kenya. GULL has been working with WVK field teams in Kenya since 2009 and WV volunteers who attended the event said that GULL’s self-directed action learning process had helped them to find paid work. Others who have jobs said that the GULL process had helped them to gain a promotion. GULL has also worked with Tearfund Kenya partners since 2009 and a senior group from the National Council of Churches in Kenya (among others) is developing a GULL network (GULLNet) for Kenya based on the African Church & Community Mobilization Process (CCMP).


(Above left) A group of WVK field staff and volunteers at the GULL graduation event in Narok, SW Kenya.

(Above right) GULLNet Kenya leaders: Grace, Fedis, Alice and Catherine pictured with GULL regional leader Jonas Ngelango (left) and Richard Teare (right) in Nairobi, Kenya.




Rwanda & Burundi:
WV Rwanda (04 Nov) & Tearfund Burundi (08 Nov)

The GULL system is being used by World Vision teams in Rwanda and Burundi and by Tearfund teams in both countries. World Vision Rwanda (WVR) is integrating GULL with their community partnership work in specialist areas like agriculture and micro enterprise and with specific groups such as vulnerable young adults. As with most GULL applications, the lead team identifies the best starting points and pathway designs. Tearfund partners in Rwanda and Burundi are deploying the Church & Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) with GULL.


(Above left) The WVR with GULL lead team celebrate their GULL mid-point award at the end of a workshop in Kigali on Tuesday 04 November.

(Above right) Tearfund Burundi partners pictured with Richard Teare at their review meeting in Burundi on Saturday 08 November.




A story of transformational change
World Vision Burundi & GULL

In mid-2014, Elysee Nibitanga, Area Development Program (ADP) Coordinator, World Vision Burundi (WVB) Gasorwe and GULL Master of Professional Studies participant, introduced GULL to WVB’s volunteers in the Gasorwe ADP, Muyinga Province. As their project, the community participants sought to find ways of reducing serious and widespread levels of child malnutrition. The project involved establishing a soya milk production facility in the community.

Soya beans were traditionally crushed using a pestle and mortar. Now, two grinders are used to facilitate increased production.


(Above left) Visit to Gasorwe ADP soya milk production project on Friday 07 November. Elysee Nibitanga, ADP Coordinator is pictured (front right) with the soya milk production team.

(Above right) Richard Teare with community members who are demonstrating the first stage in the production process.




Community-led change
World Vision Burundi with GULL (continued)

During our visit to the soya milk production facility, the community members told us that as an outcome of their GULL project, they have completely eradicated child malnutrition in their commune. They have secured this outcome by organizing the distribution of soya milk to vulnerable children over a wide geographical area spanning 29 hills and valleys.


(Above left) After grinding the locally grown soya beans, the soya bean pulp is boiled and stirred with fresh water to produce highly nutritious soya milk. The residual pulp is later used in food preparation so that nothing is wasted.

(Above right) The woman pictured told us that her own child (pictured in her arms) was seriously ill because of malnutrition but due to the community’s efforts he is now healthy.




Celebrating change
World Vision Burundi with GULL, 07 November

Soya milk is distributed free of charge to the parents of sick children and when the problem of malnutrition has been addressed, the milk is then sold to parents to prevent re-occurrence. If families do not have the funds to buy the soya milk, the community’s benevolent fund is used to cover the cost and a community team trains and supports the family until they are able to generate enough income to pay for the soya milk from their own resources. The soya milk production facility is now producing a cash surplus for the community and they will use their profits to increase the production capacity. After securing these valuable and tangible outcomes, the soya milk production team (among other WVB with GULL project teams) had earned their GULL professional awards – some at Diploma and others at Entry or Certificate levels.


(Above right) The World Vision Burundi with GULL graduation event on Friday 07 November, 2014 was the first of its kind in Gasorwe, Muyinga Province and because so many people wanted to attend, a football stadium proved to be the ideal venue to accommodate everyone!




Celebrating change
World Vision Burundi with GULL (continued)

As we were celebrating and recognizing the efforts of more than 100 community volunteers, the event was a joyous occasion with dancing groups of all ages. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many people attended this inaugural World Vision Burundi with GULL graduation event, but given the level of curiosity and excitement, the stadium was full!


(Above left) Richard Teare with a group of young dancers and drummers.

(Above right) One side of the stadium with younger onlookers seated on the edge of the football pitch.




Celebrating change
World Vision Burundi with GULL (continued)

We are grateful to the leaders and officials who came to support the event. They included the Muyinga Province Governor, Aline Manirabarusha and senior representatives from the different faith communities. Much more will surely follow!


(Above left) Muyinga Province Governor, Aline Manirabarusha (second from the left). GULL is especially grateful to Patricia Mulwa, World Vision Burundi’s People & Culture Director (second from the right) and to Albert Siminyu, WVB’s National Director (right).

(Above right) World Vision cares for thousands of vulnerable children in Burundi and the youngest dancing group featured an energetic display of traditional dancing by a group of WV sponsored children.




Young Adults with Purpose in Guatemala
21 November

The movement ‘Young Adults with Purpose in Guatemala’ (YAPG) for those aged sixteen and older, began in 2012 and was named by the initial group of participants. YAPG works in challenging environments and with youngsters in rehabilitation from a former lifestyle (addiction or street-life, for example). In 2013, some of YAPG’s mentors began their own GULL journey to experience self-directed action learning for themselves prior to introducing the GULL process to the young adults they are mentoring.

YAPG with GULL aims to enable young people to deal with past problems, focus on positive behavioural changes and acquire the skills needed to become more self-reliant and employable.


(Above left) YAPG mentors with the GULL Professional Bachelor level 2 Certificates.

(Above right) YAPG Coordinator, Jonathan Welford congratulates YAPG mentor Llancy Salazar.




Macau, Special Administrative Region, China
10-12 December Managing and Delivering Services in the Asian Century

The 7th International Conference on Services Management, Macau SAR China, included Richard Teare’s keynote address about GULL’s work with marginalized young adults in the Asia and Pacific regions.

The presentation drew on the second book about GULL’s work entitled: Designing Inclusive Pathways with Young Adults. The new book is one response (among others) to the global problems facing marginalized youth. Pictured below right is the book cover – a painting by the musician and artist Anna Harcourt. The painting depicts the challenging journey that young adults can opt to take from exclusion and difficult personal circumstances to greater self-reliance and optimism for the future. The colours in the pathway reflect their different routes and the many creative ways in which young people learn and overcome obstacles through self-directed development and lifelong action learning.



GULL is a non-profit public benefit corporation registered in California, USA. GULL’s mandate to confer professional awards is based on a statement of recognition offered in perpetuity and signed by the Head of State and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea on 10 April 2007. GULL is also endorsed by other Governments, Leaders and Institutions.

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