Mid Year Highlights 2014

Featuring news (in sequence) from Nigeria, Malaysia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Chad. (January – June)


Church & Community Mobilization in Nigeria

In March 2010, representatives of the Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN), the Rural Development Counsellors for Christian Churches in Africa (RURCON) and Tearfund Nigeria met in Lagos to explore ways of linking the Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) with GULL. The group also agreed to use GULL for their own professional development and on 22 February, 2013 the first CCMP with GULL graduation event took place in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria when 27 trained CCMP facilitators received their GULL professional Bachelor degree. To build on this, the CCMP with GULL graduates are now developing a GULL network (GULLNet) for Nigeria.


(Above left, left to right) Danladi Musa, Ruth Dul and Daniel Makpu are providing strategic leadership to the GULLNet Nigeria planning team. (Right) Revd. Sam Ajayi has been elected as the Chairman, GULLNet Nigeria by the planning team.

(Above right) Revd. Sam Ajayi has been elected as the Chairman, GULLNet Nigeria by the planning team.




GULLNet Nigeria
Facilitating wider implementation of CCMP

On 13-14 March 2014, Richard Teare and 23 representatives from ten Nigerian agencies involved in deploying CCMP with GULL met at the CRUDAN headquarters in Jos to review progress. GULLNet Nigeria will facilitate:

  1. Wider implementation of CCMP with GULL pathways to recognition and certification, administered and quality assured by the GULLNet Nigeria team.
  2. The integration of a personal learning strand in support of CCMP.
  3. The implementation of a GULLNet Nigeria system for tracking progress and for quantifying the social return on funding investments in CCMP.

GULLNet Nigeria’s formal launch will take place in February 2015 and its management committee and institutional members have already raised the funds needed to expand participation in CCMP with GULL in three of Nigeria’s six geo-political zones.


(Right) The GULLNet team have formed three planning groups to implement their GULLNet and this work forms part of an ongoing development pathway for trained CCMP facilitators.




5th Annual Graduation Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Sun 4 May

GULL’s progress in SE Asia is reflected in the year on year growth of the annual graduation event in Malaysia, held this year in the ballroom, Vivatel, Kuala Lumpur. Here, participants from a range of industries supported by family, friends and GULL Associate Centre leaders confirmed the value of GULL’s professional approach to workplace action learning.


(Above left, left to right) Graduates pictured with Dato’ Dr Vincent Tang, GULL Regional President, SE Asia, Dr Richard Teare, GULL President, HSH Prince Marek Kasperski, GULL Pro Chancellor and Dr Tiew Chew Meng, Principal, ANS Life Science Sdn Bhd., Malaysia.

(Above right, left to right) Dato’ Vincent Tang, Richard Teare (centre) and Prince Marek (right) pictured with the President and the Chief Editor of the business magazine ‘Asia Success Inc.’




Investiture: Companionate of the White Swan - Sun 4 May

The Princely House of Kasperski has a distinguished history spanning a period of 770 years. In 2012, Prince Andrzej and Prince Marek Kasperski established the Companionate of the White Swan to recognize (among other fields) outstanding service to the community.

At an investiture ceremony held at the Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday evening 4 May, Vincent Tang and Richard Teare received the Officer’s Cross of the Companionate in recognition of their service to the community with the Global University for Lifelong Learning.


(Above left) Insignia of The Companionate of the White Swan established in 2012 by the Princely House of Kasperski.

(Above right) Dato’ Dr Vincent Tang holding the Companionate brevet, flanked by HSH Prince Marek and Princess Petrina.




Visit to GULL Malaysia Associate Centres - Mon 6 May

GULL’s work in Malaysia is implemented by Associate Centres who provide specialist training and workplace action learning support to the service and manufacturing sectors. This approach enables busy practitioners to experience the process of action learning aligned with technical and professional development.


(Above left) Office opening – Malaysian style! U Academy offers GULL pathways for the land and real estate sector. Their new office opened with a traditional ‘Lion dance’. CEO Edmund is holding a platter of fruit for the human lions!

(Above right) The Eduvo Training Academy currently offers IT and entrepreneurship pathways integrated with GULL awards. Business owners Vincent (left) and Keith are pictured with Richard Teare holding their GULL Associate Centre certificates.




House of Joy Community Services
GULL for Young Adults

Joy to the World Community Services (JWCS) Malaysia was founded in August, 1992 by Pastor Joseph Tang and his wife. JWCS was established to care for orphaned children and now the elderly too. It is currently home for 120 people - more than half of whom are children and young adults ranging from 0-18 years of age, including refugees and special needs and physically disabled children.

Joseph set out to fund JWCS via a social enterprise model he calls ‘TSR’ – training, service and revenue. Everyone who is able, learns practical skills at work in JWCS businesses.


(Above left) Pastor Joseph (left of centre) with team members at the budget hotel, owned and operated by JWCS.

(Above right) Bryan Taaey Kim Hui aged 18, runs the JWCS budget hotel. Bryan has lived at the House of Joy orphanage since his mid-teens and now has the skills to succeed in a hotel management career.




House of Joy with GULL
Pathways for marginalized youth

‘House of Joy’ (HoJ) really is an appropriate name for Pastor Tang’s six residential homes for orphans, homeless young adults and elderly people. Visitors to any of the homes soon realize that these are not austere institutions but joyful communities of people who are sharing and learning together. Building on the training – service – revenue (TSR) concept, Dato’ Vincent and Pastor Joseph are developing a suite of GULL pathways to enable HoJ young adults to build personal and technical skills – step by step. The aim is to ensure that by the age of 18, these vulnerable young adults can earn an independent living for themselves.


(Above right) The first GULL-HoJ event took place on Monday 5 May. Vincent, Joseph and Richard awarded 21 professional Bachelor pathway level 1 (Entry) certificates to HoJ young adults. These certificates recognize the attainment of foundation skills in a range of work activities. The group will now work towards developing interpersonal skills (at level 2) and training other young adults (at level 3).




Church & Community Mobilization, Kenya - Thu 15 May

The Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) is a long-established and highly effective community development approach founded by Kenyan Dr Francis Njoroge. CCMP is operationalized by the local church with the objective of reducing poverty. The process has been adopted throughout the African continent – with remarkable results. GULL is proud to recognize and certify the efforts of CCMP facilitators as they help secure personal and significant community change.


(Above left) More than 150 CCMP facilitators from the National Council of Churches of Kenya, the Diocese of Mt. Kenya and the Diocese of Kericho received their GULL awards – many had travelled long distances to attend.

(Above right) Francis Njoroge (centre), GULL Ambassador and Richard Teare (right) pictured with CCMP facilitators at the graduation held at the Jumuia Conference & Country Home, Limuru.




Church & Community Mobilization, Rwanda - Tue 20 May

Tearfund Rwanda & Burundi began using the GULL system in December 13 and the team of Tearfund partners and staff met to discuss progress and next steps at the Tearfund offices in Kigali on Mon 19 and Tue 20 May. Our starting point was to reflect on personal learning attainments and the team’s progress in facilitating personal change. The aim here is to enable each participant to experience for themselves the power of self-directed action learning prior to cascading to others.


(Above left) The Tearfund Rwanda & Burundi team of staff and partners - representing ten organizations - celebrate attainment of their professional Master level 2 Certificate. The next step is to cascade the process to others.

(Above right) Peninah Kayitesi (centre), receives her Master level 2 Certificate from Richard Teare and Emmanuel Murangira, Tearfund Country Representative, Rwanda & Burundi.




A vision for inclusive lifelong learning
Rwanda and Burundi

“I have followed GULL’s progress over the past four years and I felt that it would provide a pathway for us to learn, to improve and to secure recognition for our efforts. We are all engaged in the challenging work of ending poverty and the best way to secure this objective is to encourage those who are struggling to participate too. When people acquire knowledge, they become more aware of their environment and they learn how to reach out, access information and develop new skills. In this context, GULL is an important vehicle for us as a team and especially for CCMP in Rwanda and Burundi and our partner organizations. As we change ourselves, we can form a chain by extending our hands to help others rise above poverty. GULL does not discriminate between those with formal qualifications and those with no qualifications – everyone can participate.

I’m excited to see practitioners taking-up this mantle. I hope we can take this to the communities and challenge them to participate. Our collective freedom from poverty depends on how we organize ourselves to acquire knowledge, share it and offer a helping hand to those who need it.”

Extracts from a speech by Emmanuel Murangira, Tearfund Country Representative, Rwanda & Burundi, (Right) Tearfund offices, Kigali, 20 May 14.




World Vision Rwanda (WVR) & a wider forum for GULL

A team of senior managers from World Vision Rwanda met on Thu 22 and Fri 23 May in Kigali to begin their own GULL professional Master pathway and to discuss and explore ways of using the GULL system in support of their own programming. In particular, we are seeking to establish community-led GULL outcomes tracking to strengthen the social return on investment in WVR’s work.


(Above left) The WVR team represent both the national office and WVR’s area development programs around the country. Pictured (Left) the WVR lead team for GULL together with National Director, George Gitau (front row, right).

(Above right) On Wed 21 May, executives from Tearfund Rwanda & Burundi, World Vision Rwanda and several National and Regional non- governmental organizations met at the Tearfund offices to begin GULL’s professional doctorate. (Right) The doctoral group will share insights and experiences during their 12 month-long journey.




World Vision Burundi (WVB) - 26 May

WVB National Director Albert Siminyu has devoted time over a number of years to the concept of a skills development programme for low income entrepreneurs. Initially, Albert linked this to PhD study but found that the academic requirements did not blend well with practical implementation. To facilitate progress, Albert has been using GULL to document his personal learning and to develop a detailed framework for this initiative with pathways leading to GULL recognition.

Additionally, a group of WVB’s senior managers began their journey with GULL in 2013 and in keeping with GULL’s inclusive approach, they have already set- up a GULL pilot group of WV volunteers.


(Above left) Richard Teare presents Albert Siminyu with his GULL professional doctorate.

(Above right) World Vision staff and volunteers celebrate their respective foundation stage attainments at the WVB offices in Bujumbura, Burundi.




Church & Community Mobilization, Chad - Thu 12 June

Tearfund Chad began Church & Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) training with CCMP Founder and GULL Ambassador Francis Njoroge in June 2010. Leading the initiative for Chad is Levourne Passiri, Tearfund’s Country Representative and Regional CCCP Catalyst. In July, the first batch of 28 CCMP with GULL participants will receive their certificates in N'Djamena. Passiri has led the in-country training, created resources in French and is leading the scale-up.


(Above left) Richard Teare and Martin Jennings, Tearfund’s Regional Head, West & Central Africa, present Levourne Passiri with his Master of Professional Studies degree during the Tearfund International Fortnight in the UK.

(Above right) Martin Jennings has helped to facilitate the CCMP with GULL linkage since 2008. On 12 June, Martin accepted GULL’s honorary doctorate in recognition of his own lifelong learning and his support for GULL’s work in Africa.


GULL is a non-profit public benefit corporation registered in California, USA. GULL’s mandate to confer professional awards is based on a statement of recognition offered in perpetuity and signed by the Head of State and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea on 10 April 2007. GULL is also endorsed by other Governments, Leaders and Institutions.

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