Cascading GULL to communities, Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya, 27-28 January, 2012

In September, 2009 a small group of leaders from Compassion International, Tearfund and World Vision all based in Kenya, began their GULL journey together. The objective was to experience the action learning process and to explore ways of using it in support of the community development work in their respective organizations. In January, 2012 the lead group completed their journey, having ‘cascaded’ the GULL system to hundreds of colleagues and community volunteers during this period.


The recognition ceremony took place at the World Vision national office in Karen, Nairobi. (Above left) Evans Osumba, a World Vision Area Development Program Manager prepares to receive his GULL Master of Professional Studies (Leadership Development) degree. Seated on his right is Obadiah Kisang a new GULL participant. (Above right) Family and friends support the ceremony.




Celebrating outcomes, Tearfund presents Bishop Jackson

As the integration of GULL with on-going community work has been steadily advancing, the lead group felt that it was time to recognize the contributions of senior church leaders to their work and also their support for GULL’s approach to self-directed development. Tearfund nominated Bishop Jackson Nasoore ole Sapit as GULL Ambassador.

(Below left) Dr Francis Njoroge introduces Bishop Sapit. A member of the lead group, Francis drew on all his experience as one of the founders of the church and community mobilization movement to create a definitive reference document as part of his doctoral journey. Francis’ learning coach comments: “There are many people in Africa who lay claim to undertaking community engagement but I have met none who apply it as effectively as Francis Njoroge.”


(Above right) Bishop Dr Sapit accepts his honorary doctorate, surrounded by family and friends.




Celebrating outcomes, World Vision presents Bishop Titus

Dr Girma Begashaw, National Director, World Vision Kenya (WVK) introduced Bishop Titus Masika, the WVK nominee as GULL Ambassador.

Girma’s doctoral project on change management at World Vision Kenya (2007-10) used operational integration as an organizing theme, organizational effectiveness as an objective and results-based performance management as a new management culture. The change was geared towards improving WVK’s quality of ministry and as an outcome, the performance of WVK improved markedly as reflected by the key performance indicators at regional and global levels.


(Above left) Bishop Dr Masika accepts his GULL honorary doctorate.

(Above right, left to right) Bishop Dr Jackson Nasoore ole Sapit, Pastor Dr Edward Ngaira, GULL Elder (nominated by Compassion International Kenya) and Bishop Dr Titus Masika.




Celebrating leadership, Dr Jonas Njelango

Tearfund’s church and community mobilization process (CCMP) is widely used in East Africa (EA) as it is an effective way of facilitating sustainable development. Yet until now, there has been no comprehensive picture of CCMP’s impact across the EA region as CCMP practitioners use different monitoring systems. This makes comparative analysis difficult. As part of his GULL doctoral work, Jonas has developed an integrated CCMP return on investment impact tracking system, drawing on inputs from five EA countries. Jonas comments: “GULL learning has taught me the importance of perseverance and persistence and this has contributed to the high performance of the entire team.”


(Above left) Dr Jonas Njelango, Tearfund Country Representative, for Sudan pictured with his wife Joy, Richard Teare and with family and friends, on Saturday, 28 January, 2012.

(Above right) Well done Jonas!




Hats, Francis Njoroge Junior leads the way!

A team project led by Dr Catherine Mbotela, Compassion’s Learning & Support Director, East Africa, Dr Newton Midamba, Church Partnership Program Manager and Mark Egelan, Partnership Facilitator, Compassion International Kenya has helped to pioneer a new, action learning based approach to church and community mobilization for Compassion. Further, since the inception of their work, the team has been able to cascade the GULL system to more than 120 staff and volunteers. Catherine comments: “GULL has given me a great opportunity for self re-discovery through action learning and has re-kindled my passion for the work we do in empowering local communities. When people are involved in identifying solutions to their own challenges, the process is more valuable, sustainable and impactful.”


(Above left) Mark Egelan prepares to receive his GULL Master of Professional Studies (Leadership Development) award.

(Above right) Francis Njoroge Jnr enters into the spirit of the GULL recognition ceremony!

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