Community Mobilization Process, Tanzania


Iringa, Tanzania 24-25 January, 2012

Iringa is the administrative capital of Iringa region, Tanzania. The town is situated more than 1550 metres (5,000 feet) above sea level. The Tanzam Highway passes through the valley below the town which is 502 kilometres (312 miles) from the capital Dar es Salaam.


The Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) is used by a number of Tearfund partners in Tanzania, notably the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania and the Anglican Church of Tanzania. (Above, right) Revd. Emmanuel Isaya, CCMP National Co- ordinator, interviews a young CCMP participant about her experiences of the process in the church that was constructed by the Image No 8 community, Iringa.




Image No 8 community, Iringa, visible transformation

The Africa Inland Church in Tanzania (AICT) uses the church and community mobilization process (CCMP) to enable the local church to serve its community. The objective is to broaden engagement so that the whole community begins a journey towards greater self- reliance.

Since the introduction of CCMP to Tanzania in 1998, a great many communities have initiated on-going projects that are led by the communities themselves. In so doing, the Church is playing a pivotal role in integral mission as it facilitates both spiritual and physical development.


(Above left) The team of women who prepared a delicious home-grown, organic meal for our visiting party.

(Above right) Community members proudly display their new church building that was designed and built by the community, using bricks made in the community.


(Left) This is what is left of the old church that used to serve the Image No 8 community. Now there is a new and much larger church on an adjacent plot of land.




Iringa: A day of celebration, Wednesday 25 Jan

The facilitators of the church and community mobilization process (CCMP) devote considerable time and effort to envisioning and equipping communities for change. To encourage participants and to recognize the outcomes, GULL’s professional Bachelor pathway is inter-linked with CCMP - providing certification at three levels – level 2 Certificate (completion of the ‘awakening’ stage and level 3 Diploma (at the mid-point).

GULL’s Bachelor of Professional Studies (Church & Community Mobilization) is awarded to those who fully implement CCMP, including the training of co-facilitators. This is a challenging task that takes a number of years to complete.


(Above left) Graduands walk in procession through Iringa’s town centre.

(Above right) The procession nears the recognition ceremony venue, the Anglican Church of Tanzania’s Cathedral in Iringa.




Anglican Cathedral, A trio of Bishops

Since the inception of church and community mobilization (CCMP), the process has been deployed in many hundreds of churches and communities in more than 14 African countries. In recognition of their outstanding leadership of the CCMP process over many years, the CCMP co-ordinators in five East African countries felt that it was appropriate to nominate nine senior church leaders to receive GULL’s honorary Doctor of Professional Studies degree. GULL has two honorary officer categories (Ambassador and Elder) for those who lead and support GULL’s work on a voluntary basis. All the nominees proudly accepted their awards on behalf of CCMP-GULL.


(Above left) Bishop Dr Joseph Mgomi accepts his nomination as a CCMP-GULL Ambassador

(Above right) Bishop Dr John Nkola (left) Bishop Dr Joseph Mgomi (centre) and Bishop Dr Aaron Kijanjali (right) pictured with other CCMP-GULL graduates.




Celebrating outcomes CCMP-GULL

Revd. Emmanuel Isaya leads the church and community mobilization process (CCMP) in Tanzania and as National Co-ordinator, he has made a key contribution to the development of a return on investment tracking system for CCMP in East Africa.


(Above left) Members of Mbigin community performed their CCMP song and dance at the recognition ceremony.

(Above right) Some of the CCMP-GULL graduates pictured outside the Cathedral on Wed 25 Jan. Congratulations!


(Left) Revd. Isaya receives his GULL Master of Professional Studies degree.


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