Community Mobilization Process, South Sudan


Kajo Keji, South Sudan, 17-18 January, 2012

In 2005, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed between the Sudanese ruling National Congress Party in the North and the former rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in the South. The signing of the CPA brought an end to Africa’s longest- running civil war, which killed over 2 million people and displaced countless others.

Kajo Keji is a county in southern South Sudan, just south of the capital Juba and close to the international border with Uganda to the south. It is home to the Kuku people.


(Above left) The county of Kajo Keji is located close to the Ugandan border.

(Above right) Our small plane (two passengers, one pilot – the wing tip is just visible in the photo above) flew from Kampala and landed in a field where we were greeted by a crowd of children.




Kire community, CCMP applications

The Episcopal Church of Sudan is facilitating change in local communities with the support of Tearfund, using an action learning process called ‘Church and Community Mobilization’ (or CCMP). The CCMP process uses five stages to enable the local church and its community to achieve greater self-reliance. It involves a self-directed holistic learning journey that closely mirrors GULL’s philosophy and approach to community development.

GULL’s professional Bachelor pathway is inter- linked with CCMP so that the outcomes can be recognized and certified at three levels as the related CCMP stages are successfully completed. Since 2001, CCMP has been applied in hundreds of churches and communities in more than 14 African countries.


(Above left) Kire community CCMP participants outline the projects they are undertaking.

(Above right) Led by the Bishop of Kajo Keji Diocese, our visiting party included the District Commissioner of Kajo Keji County, Mr Muki Batali Buli and his team.




Lire community, CCMP applications

CCMP is a remarkable catalyst for change – the process enables the church to impact its immediate community in such a way that action is taken to enable on-going sustainable development.

To illustrate, this is the story of retired church pastor Revd. Timayo Mogga Lodu. Timayo and his wife are now in their 70s and after retiring, they struggled financially. His son Ezbon became the local CCMP co-ordinator and he introduced his father to the action learning process.


(Above left) This is Timayo’s old traditional house and the family resolved that together they would use their collective resources to build a new permanent house for Timayo and his wife (featured below).

(Above right) As an outcome of CCMP, Timayo now has 1,000 pineapple plants and many other fruit, vegetable and livestock resources.


Timayo comments that he had never imagined that his family situation could be transformed so dramatically. Now he has plenty of food and he is able to help other people.




Recognition ceremony, Wednesday 18 Jan

The CCMP-GULL recognition ceremony took place at the Episcopal Church of Sudan’s (ECS) Cannon Benaiah Poggo College, Diocese of Kajo Keji.


(Above left) CCMP facilitators travelled from the far North of Sudan and from Khartoum to join with CCMP-GULL graduands from South Sudan. It was the first time that these groups had had the opportunity to meet.

(Above right) Dr Jonas Njelango, Tearfund Country Representative for Sudan greets the graduands and encourages them to share their stories of transformed communities and lives and to celebrate their individual attainments.


(Left – left to right) Dr Richard Teare (GULL) presents a CCMP participant with his certificate. He is congratulated by his wife, the District Commissioner and the ECS Bishop, Diocese of Kajo Keji.




Graduates and guests, Canon Benaiah Poggo College

A very special day! CCMP facilitators from North and South Sudan celebrate the award of GULL professional Bachelor pathway level 2 Certificates (‘Church Awakening’ stage), level 3 Diplomas (‘Church & Community Mobilization’ stage) and Bachelor of Professional Studies (Church & Community Mobilization) awards to those who have fully implemented CCMP and trained co-facilitators. In recognition of his CCMP leadership role, Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) Bishop Poggo accepted GULL’s honorary Doctor of Professional Studies degree.


(Above left) CCMP-GULL graduates pictured with guests and GULL Ambassador for CCMP, the Rt. Revd. Dr Anthony Poggo, ECS Bishop of Kajo Keji.

(Above right) Graduates from North Sudan pictured with Richard Teare

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