Cascading the Samoan community partnership

With Voice of Samoan People, Griffith University, TAFE Queensland and the Logan school system, Brisbane, Australia | 3-5 & 13 November, 2011


Voice of Samoan People (VOSP) community updates

On 3 November, members of the Voice of Samoan People (VOSP) hosted a meeting at Logan Library, Logan, Brisbane to explore next steps for the on-going collaborative partnership between VOSP, Griffith University, TAFE Queensland and GULL.

In compliance with Australia’s Higher Education Act (2008), Griffith University is serving as the lead agency and utilizing the GULL action learning system to strengthen its engagement with marginalized communities. The goal is to broaden the Pacific Island community’s access to and success in Queensland’s further and higher education system.

(Right) Members of VOSP with Desley Scott MP (front row, centre in red) Peter Laing (TAFE Queensland), John Norfolk (Woodridge High School), Judith Kearney and Richard Teare representing Griffith University and the Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL).




Engaging with the entire community ...

At the meeting on 3 November, Voice of Samoan People (VOSP) leaders shared their perspective on next steps for the partnership. In particular, they expressed the view that the entire community would like to participate in the GULL action learning process.

(Above) To facilitate access across the age spectrum, the partnership will develop a number of pathway themes, starting with ‘Foundations of action learning’ linked to the Samoan extended family concept of ‘Aiga’

(Right) The collaborative framework uses self-directed action learning to build confidence throughout the community.




Cascading the Samoan community partnership

The Voice of Samoan People (VOSP) community partnership with Griffith University (for GULL) will ‘cascade’ through the Samoan church networks in the coming months and each church will engage with its membership and link the Samoan ‘Aiga’ concept of extended family to church and community service projects.

The growing scale and visibility of the VOSP community partnership in Brisbane during the past 12 months has attracted the attention of state and national media and strong support from local Member of Parliament, Desley Scott. It is anticipated that wider State and Federal Government involvement will follow shortly, together with funding that will enable the partnership to extend its community-based action learning initiative to other marginalized community groups in Queensland and beyond.

Furthermore, on Friday 4 November, a Samoan Government Minister confirmed that he would like to support and initiate GULL’s work in the nation of Samoa during 2012.

(Above, left to right) Vaaaoao Alofipo, VOSP leader, Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Judith Kearney, Hon. Lafaitele Patrick Leiataura, Associate Minister of Police & Prisons, Fire & Emergency Services, Samoa and Richard Teare.




Action Leadership: Congratulations Ortrun

GULL’s honorary leader in Australasia is Dr Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, one of the world’s leading writers on action learning and action research. Ortrun’s latest book, published by Springer in 2011, is ‘Action Leadership: Towards a Participatory Paradigm’. Ortrun explains that ‘Action Leadership’ is a creative, innovative, collaborative and self- developed way to lead.

Here is what the Vice-Chancellor, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa had to say about Ortrun’s new book:

"This powerful work of scholarship represents one of the most important books on learning and leadership in a long time. Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt proves once again why she is arguably the most trusted and experienced voice on action learning and action research in the world today. Her real strength lies in the capacity to intelligently synthesize complex literatures and constructs and in the process, generates fresh concepts ... All of this is done by placing human actors at the centre of the change agenda. Amidst the cacophony of voices on education change, this is one book worth recommending to learner and leaders alike."

Congratulations Ortrun!

(Above) Dr Ortrun Zuber- Skerritt, GULL’s Regional President, Australasia holds a copy of her latest book: ‘Action Leadership’.

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