Eyuel Holistic Ministry (EHA) Ethiopia & GULL

Aleta Wondo, Ethiopia | 14-15 October, 2011


EHA-GULL sensitizing workshop, July 2011

Eyuel Holistic Ministry (EHA) Ethiopia, is a not-for profit association that serves church leaders (via short courses, theological and mission training) and community development needs by focusing on the social, economic and healthcare problems of marginalized groups and the most disadvantaged communities. EHA works in collaboration with local churches and the concept of Tearfund’s church and community mobilization process is central to EHA’s efforts to involve the entire community - from volunteers through to church and community leaders, especially in relation to safe-guarding the most vulnerable.

After affiliating with GULL using GULL’s online facility, EHA developed for GULL an implementation plan, commencing with a sensitizing workshop for 18 church leaders. This took place in July, 2011 and the objective was to introduce the concept of action learning and its application to church and community mobilization.

(Above) EHA Director & GULL representative, Pastor Tadele Asefa and his wife Meseret.




Getting started: The EHA-GULL workshop, October 11

EHA’s objectives for the workshop were to explain the vision and mission of GULL and to explore the possibilities for community development in Ethiopia; To explain and illustrate the process of action learning and to envision church leaders in relation to their biblical responsibility for supporting their respective communities.

EHA has partnered locally with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church and the workshop took place at a church venue. The workshop was facilitated by Pastor Worku Fekadu, a local church leader who together with Pastor Tadele Asefa, confirmed the participants and assisted them to identify potential action learning projects.

(Left above) Action learning exercise: The levelling stick – and exercise that demonstrates the importance of team work. (October, 2011)

(Right) Lunch break at the sensitizing workshop in July, 2011




Next steps for EHA and GULL

The workshop drew on practical exercises and discussion to enable participants to understand why action learning is important for personal, professional and community development. Topics included: the concept of action learning, its key principles, roles of each member of an action learning group, the roles of facilitators and coaches, and the differences between traditional forms of learning and action learning.

EHA will draw on its experience of using Tearfund’s church and community process especially in relation to envisioning and equipping the church to serve its local community. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants shared their reactions. One participant, Yeshitla Gelagile said: ‘The work of GULL is great. This concept is new for all of us. We are privileged to have this great opportunity.’ Thank you EHA for all you are doing to establish GULL in Ethiopia.

(Above) Participants share their insights and learning during the first workshop, October, 2011.


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