Celebrating community-based learning

Compassion International Kenya, Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya, Tearfund Kenya and World Vision Kenya Nairobi, Kenya | 25 June 2011


Recognizing change, impact and transformation

GULL’s work in Kenya started in September, 2009 with a small pilot and thanks to the work of Dr Sarone Ole Sena, Regional President, GULL East Africa and the leadership teams of the participating agencies (Compassion Kenya, Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya, Tearfund and World Vision Kenya) significant advances are occurring.

On Saturday 25 June, more than 370 GULL participants received professional Bachelor, Master or Doctor level awards – some were starting the journey at level 1, others concluding at level 5 (e.g. Bachelor of Professional Studies). The senior leadership group from the participating agencies attained Advanced Diplomas and they are scheduled to complete their respective Master or Doctor of Professional Studies awards in December 2011.

As ever, the award ceremony featured joyful Maasai singing and dancing and a large number of community volunteers from different parts of the country. GULL is especially proud to be able to recognize the extraordinary efforts of this group.

(Above) Maasai women lead the community singing




Church and community mobilization – across Africa

Dr Francis W Njoroge is regarded by his peers as the foremost pioneer of church and community mobilization in the continent of Africa and it was a privilege to recognize and thank Francis for his tireless work as a GULL Ambassador for Africa.

Francis has for many years, developed an action learning process that empowers people to transform their own situation holistically, using their God-given resources. In recent years he has trained facilitators in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, South Sudan, North Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Chad. There are remarkable outcomes in all these places as the local church awakens to fully serve its community.

(Above left) Dr Francis Njoroge, GULL Ambassador and his wife Rose.

(Above right) Some of the many community participants




Compassion Kenya’s performance management & GULL

On Monday 27 June, the Compassion Kenya leadership team and Richard Teare met to discuss ways of interlinking Compassion’s performance management process (PMP) with the GULL system. The outcome of the meeting was a commitment by the leadership team to pilot a PMP-GULL Professional Doctor of Management (D Mgt) pathway.

The purpose here is to assist the team to sustain their own personal and professional development and integrate the process of reflection, action learning and collaborative working with existing roles and responsibilities. After piloting the PMP-GULL linkage, the leadership team will cascade the process to other staff who will be able to combine their annual performance planning and appraisal with work and community- based projects that lead to GULL’s Professional Bachelor or Master degree. Entry to the appropriate pathway is determined by the seniority of the participants.

(Above) The Compassion Kenya leadership team: (Left to right) Samwel, Justus, Catherine, Christine and Joel


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