Inaugural PV-GULL graduation events

Personal Viability | Port Moresby and Lihir Islands Papua New Guinea - 17 & 19 April 2010


PV-GULL graduation, Port Moresby, 17 April 2010

More than 500 people attended the Personal Viability (PV) and Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL) inaugural graduation events on 17 & 19 April in Papua New Guinea (PNG). In the capital Port Moresby, the keynote address was delivered by Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane, Head of State. Sir Paulias (pictured left, centre) is also the Founding Chancellor of GULL and the Patron of PV.



PV-GULL and the Public Service
PV is a highly effective ‘learning for life’ action learning system that enables all participants to develop self-reliance and financial independence. It poses the question: ‘Are you viable?’ and provides both training and coaching to facilitate the learning journey.

Pictured left: is Margaret Elias, Secretary to the Department of the Prime Minister and the National Executive Council. | Centre: Margaret, Samuel Tam, founder of PV and Dawn Tam. | Right: PV Founder, Sam Tam



PV-EDTC & GULL –A Grassroots University of Life
Entrepreneurial Development Training Centre (EDTC) Limited
EDTC has developed and refined over many years, a ‘training for life’ action learning system. Many thousands of people in PNG and the Pacific region have experienced the transformational benefits of EDTC’s grassroots university movement. GULL is proud to provide EDTC’s professional recognition and certification pathways, linked to PV’s comprehensive outcomes tracking system.

PV-GULL pathways to Professional Bachelor (B), Master (M), Doctor (D)

Entrepreneur: B Cert B Dip B Assoc B Prof M Prof D Prof
BL PV-I BL GoM-I BL PV Coach BL EDB Coach MProf PV Trainer MProf GoM Trainer PV Master Coach EBD Master Coach EDTC Fran- chisee

PV-GULL pathways

  1. Entrepreneur –a continuing pathway that recognizes the outcomes of PV participants from self reliance/financial independence (B Cert to B Prof) and onwards to proven, outstanding success as an entrepreneur and employer at Master & Doctor of Professional Studies (M Prof and D Prof) levels.
  2. A Bachelor level (BL) recognition pathway to Bachelor of Professional Studies (B Prof) level for PV Instructors (I) and Coaches and for Master Trainers and Coaches (M Prof).



Recognizing grassroot achievements
PV-GULL graduation, Institute of Public Administration, PNG

Right: Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane, Head of State, Papua New Guinea, Founding Chancellor, GULL and Patron, PV, delivers his keynote address.



Celebrating success
Advancing the grassroots lifelong learning movement


Left: Dr Samuel Tam, Founder of PV is confirmed as Vice President, Global University for Lifelong Learning. Right: Dr Micael Olsson, Global Education Advisor, World Vision International, models some high fashion accessories from the PNG Highlands!



Happy Birthday Samuel Tam and EDTC
17 April 2010

Sam has been helping grassroots people for 40 years and in 1994, he founded the EDTC ‘Personal Viability’ programme -an Innovative solution for poverty alleviation and alternate education. Since then, PV has trained more than 25,000 people in all 20 provinces of PNG and in other countries.

Sam was in born in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea and he is the founder of the Stretpasin Stoa scheme that has trained Papua New Guineans to become trade store owners and managers for the past 30 years. It is one of the most successful programmes in the history of the PNG Development Bank. Among other roles, Sam served as a Director of the Papua New Guinea Development Bank for 2 terms from 1982–1988.

Above: Dr Samuel Tam MBE, CSI, OL, Founder, PV and Vice President, GULL.

PV-GULL graduation: Lihir Islands, PNG
19 April 2010
The Lihir Islanders have embraced the PV process so as to enable the community to develop and implement a sustainable economic plan. Some 14,000 islanders will participate in the PV process, led by Sam Tam, the PV facilitation team and the Chiefs and Elders of the Lihir Island Clans.


The Islanders have embraced action learning and both Sam and Richard Teare were initiated as Chiefs of the Masi sub-Clan. Right: Sam and Richard are welcomed as honorary Chiefs, Masi sub-Clan, Lihir Islands, Papua New Guinea.



Action learning – Lihir style!

Left: Peter Masi, Chief, Masi sub-Clan with Richard Teare, Honorary Chief and a magnificent pig (the customary gift made by those who are conferred as Chief) kindly donated by Sam Tam. | Centre: Micael Olsson, Peter Masi and Sam Tam. | Right: Invited special guests and Lihir Island leaders, PV-GULL graduation event.



PV-GULL: B Cert & B Dip graduates
Lihir Islands, 19 April 2010

The first Lihir Islands cohort of PV-GULL graduates, proudly wearing the PV uniform.




Empowering the community

The Lihir Sustainable Development Plan (LSDP) will be crafted by the Lihir Islanders as they undergo the PV development process. These beautiful but remote islands are receiving some benefits from the commercial gold mine on the main island –but what happens when the mine closes? The entire community is now engaged in planning for the future.

(Below left) Richard, Winston and Micael survey the impact of the gold mine on the natural landscape and (Below right) an aerial view of the mine. If you have seen the movie ‘Avatar’ sadly, events in the Lihir Islands are a close parallel. PV-GULL will enable grassroots people to respond.



GULL is a not-for-profit foundation registered in California, USA. GULL is recognized by the Government of Papua New Guinea & endorsed by other Governments, Leaders & Institutions.

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