Recognizing outcomes in the community: Kenya

With Compassion International, Free Pentecostal Fellowship Kenya, Tearfund, World Vision International


Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL)
Professional Doctor, Master and Bachelor pathways
Starting points (DL2, ML3, BL2) Generic GULL pathways and components:

Pathway Profile (age) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Doctor (D) Leaders (30+) Entry point is L2 PLS, DF, RO CR, Proj Proj, RO Proj, LR
Master (M) Seniors (25+) Entrypoint is L3
PLS, DF, RO CR, Proj Proj, LR
Bachelor (B) Staff & volunteers Entry point is L2 PLS, DF, RO Proj-DF, RO Proj, RO CR, Proj, LR

Abbreviations (L1-5): PLS –Personal learning statement; DF –Diary format reflection cycle (4 x weekly summary, 1 x monthly summary); CR –Career review; Proj –Project; RO Return on outputs form; LR –Learning review



Compassion International, Kenya

Left: Mark, Partnership Facilitator, NarokCompassion International (ML3) I have 30 tutors undertaking the GULL Bachelor pathway –it has integrated very well with our curriculum as the GULL system provides a way of enabling the tutors to evaluate their own work and it also recognizes their contribution. The tutors are very enthusiastic.


Left: Catherine, Program DirectorCompassion International, Kenya (DL2) GULL has come at the right time. I see it impacting our people and making the Church stronger by enabling every church to develop. It ties in with releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Right: Sarone Ole Sena, Learning & Support Director, Compassion International, EA. GULL is a prayer answered. GULL starts with a few (so that they can experience action learning for themselves) and it cascades to the many. The power of GULL lies in multiplication. Catherine is supporting Mark and Mark is supporting the tutors and so on.


Right: Richard (GULL) together with the Compassion lead team Catherine, Newton, Mark, Sarone and Sidney (not pictured) Kenya Country Director.

The reflection work at DL2 foundation level has greatly helped me in my work especially in relation to decision-making. I am now more structured and organized. Newton, Partner Training & Support Manager

Left: Staff and tutors from Compassion assisted project KE 593, Narok, Kenya. GULL has really helped us to improve the management of the project (Book keeper) I am very happy about GULL –it is helping me to improve my skills and time management (Tutor) I am much better organized (Tutor)GULL challenges me and helps me to think critically -I am performing so much better and I feel really empowered (Health worker)


Left: Staff and tutors from Compassion assisted projects KE 599 and KE 591, Narok, Kenya. We are glad that GULL is practical (and not academic) it is helping each of us in many different ways (Social worker) GULL fits closely with my work and the challenges I face (Child protection worker) I believe that this is a God-given opportunity for us (Project director KE 599)


Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK)

Left: Lanoi, Project Leader, FPFK Anti-FGM project (DL2). We have seen many benefits from integrating FPFK-Anti FGM with GULL. We have a big team of volunteers and we are not able to pay them or recognize their incredible work. GULL is an answer to our prayers –at last, we can recognize the impact of our teams in transforming our culture and sustaining change.

Right: Key Resource Persons, FPFK Anti-FGM project (BL2). More than 250 people attended the foundation level graduation event for D, M and B level pathway action learners on 30 January, 2010 with some 150 graduands of the pilot phase.



FPFK Anti-FGM -GULL outcomes mapping:
Professional Bachelor pathway

Pathway Profile (age) L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Volunteers GRMF GRMF PLS, DF, IRMF CR, project (Advocacy) Leadership project, LR
Bachelor Access: Open to all Open to all R/W own L R/W well R/W well

Abbreviations: GRMF-Group report matrix format; IRMF –Individual report matrix format; PLS –Personal learning statement; DF –Diary format reflection cycle (4 x weekly summary, 1 x monthly summary); CR –Career review; LR –Learning review

Access (Bachelor pathway only): Open to all –oral evidence of learning accepted (for those who cannot yet read/write);R/W own L –can read and write in own language and can prepare individual written work; R/W well –proficient reading and writing skills in own language.



Options for using GULL and procedures for verifying learning outcomes

  • Use GULL generic components (in the absence of training materials, curriculum and/or an action learning framework)
  • Use own structure/process and then define, map and capture learning outcomes (e.g. Anti-FGM and Tearfund’s Umoja)
  • Use a combination of own structure/project and GULL generic elements (e.g. use of the GULL Learning review component for Anti-FGM and Umoja L5 learners)

Verifying learning outcomes: Learning outcomes are always verified prior to GULL certification, by the local facilitator (also known as the internal reviewer) for all GULL L1-4 awards and additionally, an independent local external reviewer for GULL L5 awards. All reviewers are asked to prepare a concise written report confirming their recommendations for each candidate (either: accept or defer until any gaps have been addressed). Evidence of learning and application is mandatory.

Tearfund –East & West Africa

Left: Jonas, Country Representative, Sudan, Tearfund (DL2). My GULL journey is a great learning experience. I am learning to reflect in a systematic way so that I can review and improve my own skills and the management of Tearfund’s operations in Sudan.

Right: Peter, Country Representative, Tanzania, Tearfund (DL2). Recognition for the participants in Tearfund’s Church and Community Mobilization Process (Umoja) is a very significant development. We are integrating GULL so that we can recognize participants across Africa. As GULL’s awards are entirely linked to learning outcomes, we are developing a return on investment outcomes tracking system for Umoja-GULL as part of our Doctoral journey.



Tearfund’s Umoja & GULL
Umoja-GULL outcomes mapping: Professional Bachelor pathway

Pathway Profile L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Umoja equivalent Volunteers To be finalized Completed: Church Awakening Completed: Phase II To be finalized Implement- ation & facilitator -trainee support
Bachelor Access: Open to all Open to all R/W own L R/W well R/W well

Access (Bachelor pathway only): Open to all –oral evidence of learning accepted (for those who cannot yet read/write);R/W own L –can read and write in own language and can prepare individual written work; R/W well –proficient reading and writing skills in own language.



World Vision International - Kenya

Left: Girma, National Director, World Vision International, Kenya (DL2). The GULL process is very helpful and empowering. I recommend it to all my staff. Additionally, GULL offers huge potential in terms of recognizing the sustained effort of community level volunteers. They work with us and make things happen. This is an ideal way of providing self-development to them. It is my prayer and commitment to implement GULL in WVK first and then throughout WVI.

Right: Salome, National Education Coordinator, World Vision Kenya (DL2). The GULL process has enabled me to address a leadership challenge that has held me back for a long time. In several months –I have been able to make a major personal breakthrough.



GULL Graduation Event (foundation levels) - 30 January 2010
Compassion assisted project KE 824, Wuaso Ngiro, Narok, Maasai region, Kenya

Left: Procession led by the FPFK Anti-FGM movement | Centre: Jonas, Tearfund, Sudan | Right: Welcome from Newton, Compassion, Kenya




Left: Peter (Tearfund, Tanzania) preaches and Catherine (Compassion and event MC) steps in to keep the event to time! | Centre: Jonas outlines the purpose of Umoja and the role of GULL | Right: Salome (World Vision) speaks about the value of action learning



Community action learning

Left: The District Commissioner, Narok endorses our work and congratulates all the participants – he encourages us to do more! | Centre: Sarone (Compassion) outlines the many ways of learning and knowing | Right: Girma (World Vision) offers a vote of thanks to the organizing team



Some of the happy Graduands

Left: BL2 recipients, FPPK Anti-FGM | Centre: Compassion staff and volunteers with their BL2 certificates | Right: World Vision Kenya recipients

Compassion: Answers to key questions ...
(1) What do staff and volunteers think of GULL?
They like the simple, practical activities and resources and they greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn professional, recognized qualifications that are closely aligned with their working environment. All who participated in the review meetings were able to cite personal and work-related benefits. Typically, staff and
volunteers said that they were better organized and that they were learning from each other and enjoying the experience.

A key benefit is the opportunity to learn at work and to progress (in stages) to professional Bachelor degree level. Academic alternatives are beyond their reach. Video learning reviews:Compassion KE 591; KE 953; KE599; KE 824 World Vision Olenton ADP

(2) Could GULL support child development?
As Compassion’s sponsored children can continue in the scheme until they are 22 years of age, it is possible to develop an outcomes map that links ‘My plan for tomorrow’ to the GULL professional Bachelor pathway. Sponsored children can commence the Bachelor pathway (at BL1) when they are 17 or 18 and attain Associate degree level (BL4) by the time they are 22. It may be possible to attain the Bachelor degree (level 5) in this timeframe or alternatively, as young adults they could use the level 5 step to help secure and develop for themselves a community and/or work role –a positive transition to adult life and to lifelong learning.


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