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GULL applications at Pfizer & SAP, Philadelphia, USA - May 2010


Learning at work with Eurest Dining Services

Eurest Dining Services (EDS) began using the GULL system in 2008 and they use a ‘cascade’ approach to enable unit managers to guide and support their unit staff.

EDS have found the GULL diary style narrative format works well in a busy practical environment. Here, each level equates to a narrative format cycle (of 7-10 weeks): Personal learning statement (PLS) or PLS update (1 week); Four weekly summary forms –it is easier to compile these if participants use the daily summary form to capture reflections as they go (four weeks) a monthly summary form (in week 5) (this includes written comments from the learning coach and the verifier (the direct line manager is the verifier). Finally, a return on outputs form (in week 7) provides a structured summary on the entire reflection cycle. | Pictured above: GULL participants at the review event, held at SAP, Philadelphia on 14 May, 2010 pictured with Maggie Fisher, Regional Vice President, Eurest Dining Services Mid-Atlantic Region (centre, left)

EDS pathways
Bachelor pathway (all employees)

  • BL2 –Certificate –7-10 weeks –one reflection cycle –incorporating themes and tips of the week as appropriate.
  • BL3 –Diploma –7-10 weeks –as above
  • BL4 –Associate degree -Either a double reflection cycle (14 weeks) or a combination of reflection and a unit-based or cross-unit based group project with report back. BL4 work also includes a career review.
  • BL5 –Professional degree –as above –double reflection cycle (14 weeks) or combination of reflection and project work. BL5 includes an individual learning review. At BL5 level, a senior manager who is not directly involved in guiding the learner verifies by interviewing each learner and writing a short report. Verification is to check the breadth and depth of learning (individual and for the company). If the learner’s work is insufficient, they continue until they have in-filled any gaps.

Master pathway (Eurest managers who are at least 30 years of age)
ML2 Certificate (as for BL2); ML3 Diploma (as for BL3); ML4 Advanced Diploma (as for BL4 –the project work should be of strategic importance to the unit, the district and or the region/division); ML5 Professional degree (as for BL5) –but the participant must undertake an individual report and report back to senior management in writing.


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