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A chronological review of the year featuring some of the key events, images and outcomes


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Since the launch of the Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL) by Co- Chancellors Sir Paulias Matane, Head of State and Sir Michael Somare, Prime Minister, Papua New Guinea in October 2007, GULL has reached 33 countries in East and West Africa, Asia, Australasia, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific Islands. In most of these countries the numbers are still relatively small but as a network movement dedicated to providing access to lifelong learning for all, we shall expand by cascading the process of action learning wherever we can. I should like to thank GULL’s officers (all of whom are volunteers) and our many learners and supporters for their tireless work throughout 2010 and I look forward to meeting many more ‘GULLers’ in 2011.

I hope that these personal highlights will inspire you and I should like to wish you a healthy, happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. God bless you,

Richard Teare




Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka - January

GULL’s mission to rural communities is greatly facilitated by religious and social action groups and non-governmental organizations

(Above, Left) A graduation procession in Wuaso Ngiro, Maasai region, Kenya; (Above, Centre) Dato’ Vincent Tang, Regional President, GULL South East Asia, receives his knighthood – congratulations Sir Vincent! (Above, Right) the South Asian Academy for Good Governance, Sri Lanka, affiliates with GULL.




Haiti, Jamaica and Nigeria - March

GULL affiliates with community-based organizations and companies so that together, we can recognize a multitude of different learning outcomes wherever people live and work.

(Above, Left) Meeting with Tearfund, Nigeria and their partner organizations, RURCON and CRUDAN in Lagos. (Above, Centre) Louis Grant (left) recipient of GULL’s honorary doctorate and Howard Spittle (right) the first General Manager at Sandals Resorts to earn GULL’s professional doctorate. (Above, Right) Young community educators provide pre- school education in Port- au-Prince, Haiti with support from World Vision International.




Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea - April

On 28 April, His Royal Highness KDYMM Sinuhun Paku Buwono XIII was inaugurated as GULL’s first Pro Chancellor. He is the senior king of three kingdoms in Indonesia, and his support for GULL is helping to raise our profile in Asia.

In August, HRH Putri Aizian Utto Camsa, Princess sa Buayan, Royal House of Buayan, Philippines became the second member of GULL’s Pro Chancellor panel.

(Above, Left) Samuel Tam, Regional President, GULL Pacific Islands and Richard Teare are welcomed as honorary Chiefs, Masi sub- Clan, Lihir Islands, Papua New Guinea. (Above, Centre) Inauguration of HRH KDYMM Sinuhun Paku Buwono XIII, King of Surakata, Indonesia as GULL’s first Pro Chancellor. (Above, Right) ‘Think Tank’ hosted at the home of Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Regional President, GULL Australasia.




PR China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, USA & Taiwan - May / June

Eurest Dining Services in the USA began using the GULL system in 2008 and they have adopted a ‘cascade’ approach to enable unit managers to guide and support their unit staff.

(Above, Left) Vincent Tang with Richard Teare (Centre) and one of the many participants at launch and signing ceremony events in South East Asia during 2010. (Above, Centre) GULL participants at a review event, held in Philadelphia USA on 14 May, pictured with Maggie Fisher (centre, left) Regional Vice President, Eurest Dining Services Mid- Atlantic Region. (Above, Right) GULL graduation, presentation and MOU signing ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia on 21 June.




Jamaica and St Lucia - July

Sandals Resorts International is the Caribbean’s leading all-inclusive resort company and one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Sandals affiliated with GULL in April 2009.

(Above, Left) A group of Sandals managers and staff graduate in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. (Above, Centre) Phillip Brown, visionary leader of the Sandals Human Resources, Training & Service Standards division congratulates Novlette Symister on receiving her Master of Professional Studies degree. (Above, Right) Jamaican pioneers! Open professional doctoral group and cascade leaders for community engagement, facilitated by Norma Taylor, National President, GULL Jamaica (seated, front row).




Sri Lanka - August

The South Asian Academy for Good Governance (SAAGG) and GULL – our first annual joint award ceremony was held on 24 August, in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s ancient capital.

(Left) JVD Thilakasiri, National President, GULL Sri Lanka and General Secretary, National Peace Council of Sri Lanka with launch event guests and Chandrarathne Bandara, Founder, Samadeepa Samaja Kendraya & National Adviser, GULL Sri Lanka.

(Right) Ceremonial opening of the first SAAGG-GULL annual joint award ceremony attended by 750 people. A further 40 people participated in the Media Conference in Colombo on 25 August and ITN featured the event on national television, focusing attention on SAAGG-GULL’s vision for lifelong learning in Sri Lanka.




Kenya, Malaysia, Taiwan & Tanzania - September

The first GULL graduation event in Tanzania took place on 27 September in Mwanza, hosted by the Africa Inland Church. The event was attended by 136 church and community mobilization facilitators from five regions of Tanzania. As participants had travelled for many hours to attend, it was a momentous occasion.

(Above, Left) More than 200 GULL participants attended the second GULL graduation event in Kenya, facilitated by the Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya, Compassion International Kenya, Tearfund and World Vision International Kenya. (Above, Centre) GULL graduation in Mwanza – a joyous celebration that lasted for many hours! (Above, Right) MOU signing ceremony to initiate GULL’s work in Taiwan.




Sierra Leone - October

On 13 October the first GULL graduation event took place in Sierra Leone. Participants received GULL’s Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in recognition of the learning outcomes arising from successful completion of a Tearfund sponsored church and community mobilization process.

(Above, Left) GULL graduates (Church and Community Mobilization) from the Association of Evangelicals in Liberia, the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone, Christians in Action, Sierra Leone, Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone, Equip Liberia, New Harvest Ministries, Sierra Leone and Scripture Union, Sierra Leone. (Above, Right) Francis Wahome, Tearfund Sierra Leone, Richard Teare and Francis Njoroge – surely Africa’s finest facilitator!




Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) - November

On 1 November, staff from World Vision (WV) PNG met Sir Paulias Matane, Head of State, PNG and GULL’s Founding Chancellor. On 4 November, a smaller WV lead group met Sir Michael Somare, GULL’s Co-Chancellor and Prime Minister, PNG.

(Left) Meeting with Sir Paulias Matane Right back row, Curt von Boguslawski, National Director, WV Pacific Development Group; Richard Teare; Micael Olsson, Director, Education & Life skills, WV International; Winston Jacob, National President, GULL India. (Right) Participants from the Samoan Community at the Griffith University & GULL graduation event, Brisbane, held on 28 October.

(Left) Ortrun, Angela and Judith – GULL leaders in Australasia & Southern Africa (Angela). (Right, front) Margaret Elias, Chief Secretary with the PM




Jamaica, St Lucia & Turks & Caicos Isles - November

GULL encourages all participants to customize their learning journey so that it is relevant, practical and applicable. As participants develop their skills and confidence, they are then able to help others by facilitating or coaching new groups.

(Left, centre) Winston Anderson, General Manager, Sandals Grande St Lucian completed his own GULL professional doctorate so as to support and encourage his team. (Right) Devie-Ann Parkins, Spa Manager at Beaches Turks & Caicos is now guiding her Spa team.

(Left) The Jamaican open professional doctoral group are pioneering cascade leadership as a way of reaching the marginalized in Jamaica. (Right, second left) Lee Bailey, GULL Elder, guided Mary and Fred (third from left). Fred is CEO of Exclusive Holidays, Jamaica, and he will now guide his employees with support from Mary and others.


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