Community-based action learning in Kenya

Compassion International, Tearfund, World Vision International and the Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya


Action learning in Kenya

Sun 20 Sep: Sarone Ole Sena (left), Learning & Support Director, Compassion International, Africa, Richard Teare & Francis Njoroge (right), Tearfund’s Lead Facilitator, Church & Community Mobilization Process (CCMP).

We discuss the ways in which the Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL) can support community-based action learning and recognize the advancement of practical professionalism and expertise in Africa.

Tue 22 Sep: GULL briefing and discussion in Nairobi hosted by the Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK) and attended by representatives from Africa Christian Missions International, Compassion International, FPFK, Tearfund and World Vision International.

Encouraged by progress with the Tearfund CCMP pilot in Sierra Leone, Jonas (Country Representative, Tearfund, Sudan) and Peter (Country Representative, Tearfund, Tanzania) are keen to adopt GULL in support of their own CCMP work. A GULL doctoral group is to be established for the leaders of the participating organizations, chaired by Sarone.

Tue 22 Sep: Narok, Maasai region. A visit to Sarone’s village and the first person we meet is an English Premier League Arsenal fan! (left)

Joseph (church pastor) with Sarone (right). Joseph will also facilitate the Compassion-GULL pilot for the volunteer tutors from his church.


Pictured below:Wed 23 & Thu 24 Sep: FPFK action learning workshop at Wuaso Ngiro, Narok, Maasai region.




The practice of FGM
Source: Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya: Policy document
The traditional custom of ritual cutting and alteration of the genitalia of female infants, girls and adolescents, referred to as female genital mutilation (FGM) persists primarily in Africa. In some communities in Kenya (especially among Somali, Samburu, Kuria, Pokot, Maasai and Gusii) FGM is endemic. It is estimated that about 94 percent of Maasai communities still adhere to FGM.

The negative consequences of FGM to the health and wellbeing of women are now well documented. It is also associated with negative socialization which contributes to the poor social standing of women.

The FPFK FGM project aims to discourage this practice and via sustained
action learning, to persuade communities to adopt an FGM-free alternative right of passage for all women.


FPFK FGM project: Action learning for cultural change
FPFK will use the GULL system to help sustain its work in the Maasai region and throughout Kenya.



The FGM action learning workshop draws to a close with
singing and prayers.

Pictured: Each participant lights a candle to signify their commitment to action that will help to bring about positive social and cultural change.


The Compassion-GULL pilot project
Developing and recognizing the contribution of volunteer tutors
The objective is develop and recognize the contribution made by volunteer tutors with a practical, professional pathway to Bachelor of Professional Studies (B Prof). The pilot features certification at two points - Bachelor (B) Level 2: Certificate (after 10 weeks) and at BL5: Bachelor of Professional Studies (Child Development).

The pilot encompasses six churches in the Narok area, Maasai region of Kenya and some sixty volunteer tutors. The anticipated outcome is a church network that is empowered, equipped, professionalized and committed to year on year improvement, with verifiable outcomes that will benefit the learner, the local church, the children, the community and Compassion’s mission.



The Compassion-GULL pilot

Facilitating professional development and recognizing the efforts of volunteer tutors in rural communities.

Pictured left, Fri 25 Sep: Micael Olsson (left), Global Education Advisor, World Vision International, Girma Begashaw (centre), National Director, World Vision Kenya and Salome Ong’ele (right), National Education Co-ordinator, World Vision Kenya.



World Vision-GULL pilot

World Vision International (WVI) is planning to use action learning in collaboration with GULL to enable participating community groups to identify, customize and further develop the specific sets of life skills needed to sustain each group’s unique rural or urban community.

The objective is to enable participants to co-create an agenda for community-based learning that reflects their own tradition, culture and context. As stakeholders in this process, participants can then use the GULL framework to evaluate their own progress.

The WVI-GULL pilot work will focus on developing rural community volunteers so as to build capacity in self-directed action learning and development. A pilot in the Narok area, Maasai region will enable the WV Kenya team to share insights and experiences with other agencies using the GULL system.

Thank you to the organizers: Lanoi Parmuat (above left), Project Leader, FPFK and Sarone Ole Sena (right) Learning & Support Director, Compassion International, Africa.



Richard Teare (left) with members of the FPFK Project Steering Committee (FGM) – all of whom will participate in the FPFK-GULL pilot.


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