GULL Caribbean

Jamaica & Turks & Caicos Islands - February, 2008


Dr. Lee BaileyWhere is GULL Caribbean based?
GULL Caribbean’s administrative centre is a modern, well resourced building in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

(Left) Dr. Lee Bailey, Regional Representative, GULL Caribbean


GULL Caribbean HQ



Start Up MeetingHow does GULL Caribbean operate?
GULL Caribbean provides facilitation support for Jamaica and administrative services for the Caribbean region.

(Right) A start-up meeting at the GULL Caribbean administrative centre.


Burchell James & Claudette James



Wexford Start up GroupWhat is GULL Caribbean planning?
GULL Caribbean is currently planning start-ups for tourism and other industry workers in Jamaica.

(Left) A GULL Caribbean start-up at the Wexford Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica


Captain Alvin





Sir Howard CookeGULL endorsements:
(1) Sir Howard Cooke
GULL Caribbean’s work is endorsed by the former Governor General of Jamaica, Sir Howard Cooke

Pictured: Dr. Lee Bailey, Regional Representative, GULL Caribbean
Sir Howard Cooke (centre) Dr. Richard Teare, President, GULL


MB Rotary(2) Business, Industry & Commerce, Jamaica
GULL Caribbean is also supported by a variety of business groups in Jamaica.

(Left) Members of the Rotary Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Pauline Reid




GULL’s Professional award frameworkSmall GULL Logo
There are 15 levels with 3 development pathways:

  • (i) younger people (5 levels to Prof. Bachelor)
  • (ii) mature people (5 levels to Prof. Master)
  • (iii) senior leaders (5 levels to Prof. Doctor)
(i) Professional B Level At entry: age 18-25
(ii) Prof. M Level At entry: age 26+
(iii) Prof. D Level At entry: 30+
B level 1: Entry (B Entry) (Pass)
M level 1: Entry (M Entry) (Pass)
D level 1: Entry (D Entry) (Pass)
B level 2: Certificate (B Cert) (Pass)
M level 2: Certificate (M Cert) (Pass)
D level 2: Certificate (D Cert) (Pass)
B level 3: Diploma (B Dip) (Pass)
M level 3: Diploma (M Dip) (Pass)
D level 3: Diploma (D Dip) (Pass)
B level 4: Prof. Associate degree (B Assoc) (Pass)
M level 4: Advanced (Adv.) Diploma (M Dip A) (Pass)
D level 4: Advanced (Adv.) Diploma (D Dip A) (Pass)
B level 5: Prof. Bachelor degree (B Prof / B Mgt) (Graded)
M level 5: Prof. Master degree (M Prof / M Mgt) (Graded)
D level 5: Prof. Doctor degree (D Prof / D Mgt) (Pass)

Beaches_StaffWhat else is GULL Caribbean doing?
The Turks & Caicos Islands are leading the way …
(Pictured) Turks & Caicos learners


Shelly and Ben


Example: Team project (1):
The project: The piloting of a self review framework to assist team members and the restaurant management teams at Beaches, Turks & Caicos to enhance service performance.

The aim: To create a self review framework as an internal mechanism for gathering feedback on operational variances and identifying corrective action so as to improve online customer satisfaction scores.


Team 1
Fitzroy, Eversley, Nadia Stanley & Basil


Example: Team project (2):
The project: ‘Operation heart of the house’: Enhancing staff facilities and safety as a mechanism for staff retention and development.

The aim: To review, repair and enhance the back of house services and facilities for staff members and the management of goods received and waste management and recycling.

Team 2
Devon, Jermaine, Jasset, Michael, Mark, Lincoln

Example: team project (3):
The project: To review and improve the accounting procedures for managing and reducing charge backs for guest services.

The aim: To develop procedures to reduce and resolve the replacement cost of bath robes provided for guests to use at the resort (but taken by guests on departure) and ensure that the correct charges for ancillary guest services (e.g. babysitting) are posted prior to guest departure.


Team 3

Orian, Keva, Wal, Tanya, Courtney.


Example: Team project (4):
The project: Sea shore excursions.

The aims: To increase sales through the Beaches, Turks & Caicos tour desk; Increase revenue opportunities through cross-promotion and enhance the guest’s vacation experience on tours by fostering family experiences.


Team 4

Raluca, Venroy, Nadege, Teri & Joel


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