Prospects for Working with NGOs

Deploying the GULL system to support and advance NGOs work among the poorest, September, 2008


‘The only way to cope with a changing world is to keep on learning’
(Patrick Dixon)

The problem is that most are excluded…
For example: the people of Papua New Guinea sustain an amazingly rich culture, with more than 800 active languages (a 10th of the world’s languages) – the challenge is to secure sustainable economic development that will augment a subsistence lifestyle without undermining PNG’s heritage.

Kemabolo Village

Kemabolo Village (Motu is the local language)


Sir Paulias MataneGULL provides lifelong learning for all
Our focus is the low paid, disadvantaged groups and the poorest. The barriers of entry to further/higher education are high so how can GULL help?





Reg RevansThe answer? By using action learning. It happens when…
People work together, learn from each other, create their own resources, identify their own problems and form their own solutions.




Supporting NGOs: Some of the possibilities…

Wolf RiednerCompassion International, USA.
Compassion International ( ) say that less than 1 percent of the one million children/teenagers they support in 26 countries have the chance of further study (e.g. via local universities).

Compassion would like to provide an alternative, low cost development pathway for the majority using the GULL system.


By using the GULL lifelong learning system to support their church partnership network (4600 churches), the aim is to help the churches to manage Compassion projects even more effectively and, to encourage and assist the local church via action learning.

It is envisioned that the second stage will be to utilize GULL more directly in providing on-going development pathways for teenagers as they enter the workplace.


WA team with Davidtearfund, UK.
tearfund ( ) has a ten-year vision is to see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches.

tearfund is also about connections – connecting people in the UK with people in need around the world in 64 countries with over 500 church-based organizations. Pictured:West Africa tearfund team, Teddington, UK

Richard Tearetearfund are interested in using the GULL system to empower:

  • Church partnership development
  • New partner networks, based on inspiring Christians
  • Staff development in the UK and internationally
  • The effective implementation of training and resources to assist with action (e.g. in combating climate change)

Pictured: Richard Teare at tearfund, Teddington, UK

NGOs with GULL can:

  1. Support partners very effectively
  2. Recognize/certify lifelong learning
  3. Help people to ‘step themselves up’
  4. Give the poorest hope/confidence
  5. Assist with skills transfer (applications focus)
  6. Many other possibilities!

We would like to give the GULL system to NGOs to use on a cost recovery/contribution basis – globally.


GULL is a not-for-profit foundation registered in California, USA. GULL is recognized by the Government of Papua New Guinea & endorsed by other Governments, Leaders & Institutions.

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