G V D Thilakasiri

G V D ThilakasiriDr G V D Thilakasiri (Tilak) is National President, Sri Lanka, Global University for Lifelong Learning.

Tilak is a qualified administrative officer attached to the Presidential Secretariat in Sri Lanka. As a public servant he has 38 years of experience in the field. He is the President of the Free Trade Union Development Center and Secretary of the Joint Committee of Democratic Trade Unions. He is also the General Secretary of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka. Tilak has has participated in more than 20 international conferences both in Asia and Europe. In recognition of his services Ministry of Justice in Sri Lanka has appointed him as a Justice of Peace.

Commenting on the SAAGG-GULL affiliation, Tilak says: “I am delighted by the SAAGG-GULL partnership because it will assist the ordinary people who have wide knowledge in the field, factory or workplace but until now, limited opportunity to secure recognition for their professionalism and learning. GULL is dedicated to this cause. As a result, our workers, farmers and social activists will be more enthusiastic about skills acquisition and applying their learning to help build a better society. I believe that SAAGG-GULL will enrich our lives and help to bridge the gap between academics and non-academics.”

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