Jonas William Njelango

Tang Thien MingDr Jonas Njelango is Network Leader, East Africa, Global University for Lifelong Learning, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jonas is a graduate of the University of Dar-es Salaam, Tanzania and he has worked extensively in development and disaster management since 1982. Among other prior roles, Jonas provided country oversight for World Vision in Tanzania, Liberia and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Oxfam in Somalia and Tearfund in Liberia and Sudan/South Sudan. He also held the positions of Director of Development, Relief Programmes and Technical Services with World Vision in Tanzania, Kenya and Liberia. The overall responsibility of managing those various departments included managing operations, programmes, staff, finances and assets. Prior to joining Tearfund, Jonas was for several years the National Director, World Vision Liberia.

Jonas has been instrumental in facilitating the developing of a church and community mobilization process (CCMP) in the Counties of Yei, Boma, Kajokeji and Mundri, South Sudan. In 2012, Jonas completed his Doctor of Professional Studies degree by designing and implementing a return on investment tracking system for CCMP based on data gathered in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan. This innovative project, partly facilitated by the Global University for Lifelong Learning, involved an action learning approach to aggregating the evidence of individual change and impact at community level. Prior to this, there had been no comprehensive information system about CCMP’s impact. Moreover, CCMP practitioners had been using different monitoring systems and so aggregation and analysis by region and country could not be accomplished.

Reflecting on the outcomes of his action learning journey with GULL, Jonas observes: ‘I have learnt that I am able to learn on my own with the support of coaches, peers and others without necessarily going to a four-walled learning facility. GULL learning has also taught me the importance of perseverance and persistence and this has contributed to the high performance of the doctoral team.’

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